Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lots of Thanks!!

I am so very thankful!  First I must apologize for forgetting to thank 2 very important blogs for featuring my pieces in the past week (or so) due to my distraction with the Prairie Market preperations.  So belated thanks go to Sharon of Elizabeth & Co. for featuring my Arles Dresser.  Sharon has been a huge mentor for the Prairie Market ladies as we followed a format similar to theirs.  I love her furniture, and their tag sales are Grand affairs back in Maryland!  Also, a giant thanks goes to Cassie of Primitive and Proper for featuring my Petite Desk with a Pedi on her blog!  Cassie has also been a huge source of inspiration, information and encouragement on this journey.  I think of Cassie as something like the Welcome Wagon Lady of the blog world of furniture and decor bloggers!  She is ALWAYS there with a positive comment on a new post, a welcome to blogland for the newbie, a feature just when you need a boost of confidence, and is just one of the sweetest most genuine people!  Some day I'm going to hop along on one of my Mr.'s trips back to D.C. and escape to go meet these ladies in person.  Yes I am!

I'm also so very thankful for all of the wonderful people who came by to shop, visit, and support our 2nd Prairie Market!  The weather cooperated (Thank you Lord), and it was just a gorgeous day surrounded by gorgeous people.  We had so much fun, and I think a lot of happy people left with fabulous finds.  Maybe next time I'll have the presence of mind to run around snapping pictures of everyone enjoying the shopping experience to feature here.  We hope you enjoyed it so much that you'll consider attending the next Prairie Market, October 12 & 13, 2012, same location.  We'll have lots of new things to share with you by then, so be sure to mark your calendars.  (No Husker games that weekend so no worries there ;-) ).

If there was a piece of furniture or a decor item you regretted not purchasing or if you had too much going on yesterday to attend the sale be sure to contact the individual vendor to arrange a purchase.  I know I will be updating my "pieces for sale" (button on the top of my home page) during the coming week, so give me a few days and you'll find the items that are still available listed there. 

Everyone, have a super week, I'll be back with some finishes later in the week.  And I tell you I dreamed about my next piece to work on last night.  That's how encouraged I am to keep on creating new pieces!  THANK YOU!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Prairie Market Tomorrow!!!!

Tomorrow, 4/28/12, is the date for our Spring Mini Prairie Market Sale!!  Woo hoo, and the Prairie Ladies have been working hard to make sure you will find lots of things to love.  Don't forget Mother's Day is just around the corner so we'll have gift items for Mom, Mom's to be, and Mom's who want pick out their own special gift!  We have lots of great gift items for all those Seniors who will be graduating soon.  And don't forget something special for the Newlyweds and Newborns!  Especially important is a treat for yourself, don't neglect that super special person...You!

I really want to take a moment, before I unleash a torrent of photos on you, to thank our families, friends, and other supporters!  If you didn't love us and/or love what we do this just would not work!  We certainly wouldn't even want to do this if no one appreciated our work.  Every piece is created with a great love for the product and the people who will enjoy it.  So, thank you!

The Market is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., one day only.  We will have some strong backs here to help load any furniture purchases.  We hope to see both new and old friends throughout the day.  Oh, and did I mention that you will be entered in a drawing for a gift basket filled with some of our favorite goodies?  Yes, yes you will!

The coffee will be on.  Suzanne is making new treats that will be for sale.  Rain or shine we'll be waiting with smiling faces.  9607 Fairby Drive, Gretna, NE.

Now, here are the preview pics, Enjoy!!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Petite Desk with a Pedi

Well crud, I forgot to take a before photo again!  This was one of those projects that jumped ahead in the line of waiting projects when I was waiting on more paint to arrive to finish off my latest makeover victim.  Let's go with that and forget the fact that probably over half of my projects don't ever get a before photo.

Anyhoo, a month or so ago I bought a small one drawer desk and mid-century modern chair from a young lady who was moving.  Already knowing where I wanted it to go meant that it wouldn't take me long to knock it out. 

The desk is pretty basic classic in Old Ochre, but she can get to the ball with the pretty little pedicure.  I have been wanting to dip some furniture legs since I first saw Cassie do it on Primitive & Proper . 

I decided to go for a touch of glam and used gold for her little toe dip.  I really like the effect of dressing her up a bit.  I repeated the gold on her original wood handle too since it was such a simple design.
Lined the drawer with the same fabric I used to cover the chair, and refinished the wood top with a dark Jacobean stain and antique oil finish. 
For the chair I decided to go with a bright springy green that I'm loving right now.  It pulled out the green in the fabric and added a little mid-century mod pop to the set. 

A couple of lamps got a similar coat of paint.  I don't know why I've really been into lamps lately.  They are rather addicting fast finishes.  I had some fun with their shades again too.  This one has some dandelions blowing in the wind, and though you can't see it in the photo, there is some sparkle on that white fluff.  I wasn't so sure I was completely happy with it, but then my teenage daughter made a comment like "cool lamp Mom", and everybody knows that pulling a compliment out of your teenager is almost next to impossible so I'm not changing a darn thing on that lamp!  After all teenagers "know" everything there is to know right? ;-)

This second lamp was a takeoff from a lampshade that I saw the other day at Lowe's.  The Lowe's lampshade had embroidery on the inside of the shade that really only showed up when the light was on.  My version is not quite that subtle.
Here take a peek.  On the inside of the lampshade I adhered a bunch of different shapes that I had cut using my Silhouette.  They really pop out when the lamp is turned on and it is just such a fun easy way to pump up a very plain, simple lampshade.

So that's what I've been up to lately.  My paint has arrived so now it's back to the workshop and another completion.  Thanks for stopping by! 

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

...I see France

I found this beautiful dresser several weeks ago.  All the beautiful details jumped out at me from the CL ad and I knew I would have to gather one of my helpers and go snag it before anyone else could.  I thought I had a before pic somewhere, but I can't seem to locate it right now.  Running through paint options I quickly landed on Arles, another gorgeous AS chalk paint.  Here are the results.
Remember, workshop pictures are part of the deal right now during crunch judging me on the piles in the background!  Look, large crosses, Greek key details on the top, pretty feet, framed inset drawers on the bottom, Chest on chest, just a pretty, pretty practical dresser with lots of space.
I love those crosses on the front.  It seemed appropriate to be working on this during Lent.
This piece is not overly feminine.  Just a great classic.  I waxed only in clear even though my initial intention was to use dark also.  What do you think?  Add dark?
Oh, I wish I had a close up of the Greek key carving on the top.  In May I'll start working on my photography again! 

Get out and enjoy something pretty and springy!
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Officially joining the club

Advance warning:  There are going to be lots of ugly photos here.  No pretty styling, nope, nada.  Just blood, sweat, tears, dust, stain, and plenty of beforeish types of photos.  Why?  Well, I've decided that I must officially join the furniture hoarders club of wherever it all started.  Yup, I'm a hot mess over here. 
It's good stuff, oh yeah, good.  My kind of furniture, waiting for some love and attention.  Maybe a little bling.  You never know.  It's why I've been a very bad blogger lately. 
This hits you the minute you walk into the workshop.  The shrouded...projects completed.
That's a good thing.  Those finished projects are still surrounded by plenty more to work on though.
See this?...
The tip of the iceberg.  My Titanic.  My head is spinning with ideas, colors, finishes, pricing...
So, I'm working, working, working, and being a Mom and a wife, and I'm sorry the blog has been neglected.  I'm promising more finishes soon, the photos may not be pretty because I just don't have much time to move things around for a good photo shoot before I have to move on to the next project.
The show must go on!  The Prairie Market sale is just around the corner!! 
Here are some fast pics of smalls finished for the sale.  To tease you into wanting to stop by and see more on April 28th!
Many more bowls, and silver leafing, and vintage finds.
Fun finds like Lazy Susan's,
and woodland critters,

and beds for princess pets.

There is work in progress...
and more waiting to roll. 

Yup, I proudly wear the badge of the Furniture Hoarders Club. I have the blisters on my palms, and I shop not knowing that I have paint in my hair and usually on my elbow.  Man I love what I get to do!
I can't wait to show you more!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Real Life

When I started this blog I was pretty convinced I only wanted it to be about the new business venture I was beginning.  But you know that saying, "It takes a village..."  It has become increasingly apparent to me that I am not alone on this journey.  Well, I mean I KNEW that, but I bet other readers wondered why I seemed to be an island out here floating about painting furniture and other things that don't move fast enough.  It's really about time that I introduce you to more of the Twice Nice team.  I think I'll probably open up the blog to more family and personal posts from time to time.  After all, this little group of mine influences all I do really!  Shhhhh, don't tell them they have that much power!

The Spring here in Nebraska has been glorious.  I mean just super, super gorgeous.  We'll worry about the shoe dropping in July OK?!  I have been able to get out in the workshop so much earlier this year and have been able to really amp up production.  Much of my recent work has been custom work, a few more new pieces for the Spring Market (see the button above for details), and some new pieces for a new opportunity (details to follow soon).  Sometimes it's overwhelming and I just spin around not sure what I should do first, but it's always fun.  It's also fun to just stop the work and spend a day with my family!  That's what we did on Sunday after church.  Here's a slice of that afternoon and some introductions.

Part of what drove our day was the Church's Sr. High Youth Groups participation at Camp Fontenelle's Gaga Ball Tournament.  Not familiar with Gaga Ball, well until recently neither were we, but it is apparently quite addicting if these kids are any indication. 
Meet Michaela, my oldest daughter at almost 16.  She and 9 of her other youth group members gathered in the gaga pit and got ready to do battle with another church group.  Basically it seems like Dodge Ball in a contained area where the only fair shots are the knees and below.  You evidently are allowed to block the "attacks" on your legs with your hands.  Michaela demurred, but most of the kids put on army face paint, and they actually have strategies and something called "The Diesel" they are working on perfecting.  The other kids call Michaela "Ninja".  I'm assuming it's because she is very quick and avoids being taken out until the end a lot of time, but it's also possible they know she is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

While we were at Camp for the Gaga Tournament, there was plenty else around for everyone.  Sand Volleyball, Laser Tag, a Jumping Pillow, Easter Egg dyeing and hunting, and live bunnies to play with.  We avoided the latter as they had babies ready to be adopted!  Ellarie, my youngest 6 year old daughter opted to climb a tree.
Here she is all harnessed up and getting her instructions on how to use the rope system to propel herself up to the branch above.
Here she is chilling out after having worked her way up off the ground.  Ellie is much braver than I would have been at her age!!
Ellarie is also much more determined than me.  She's willing to climb up 20 feet into a tree to retrieve an Easter egg hanging off the branch.  She did it!! 

Our middle child Madison, 14, was with us at camp, and off enjoying many of the activities with the Sr. High kids for the afternoon.  But here is her big moment.
We spent last night at the Middle School where they were holding the annual People of the Past Night, POP.  Madison researched Christa McAullife and, in a setting resembling characters coming to life in a wax museum, presented her life in a short speech every time someone dropped money in her can.  It's a fund raiser for the local volunteer fire department and a great way for the kids to work on public speaking as well as research and writing a comprehensive report.  She was fabulous and we couldn't be more proud. 

I have 3 young ladies, all growing up way too quickly.  All doing great things and staying healthy in mind, body, and spirit!  They are 3 of my biggest cheerleaders and even put up with the occasional, "Oh crap, I forgot to stop and make dinner, but would you look at this dresser!", moments.  I LOVE them, and I am so blessed to be their Mom!

Hope to have a new reveal or two for you later this week!