Thursday, April 18, 2013


A while back I discovered that I had quit taking before photos.  Honest, it was not an intentional decision, I just get so busy pulling the next piece and quickly working to get it rolling along.  So I have no proof, but you'll have to trust me that this next piece was a Hot Mess!  Seriously I believe some of the previous repairs may have been made with silly putty stuffed into crevices and holes.  It was the lumpiest sort of mess.  We chiseled and sanded, and filled properly and often.  We glued and clamped and rebuilt missing pieces.  And "Voila`" she is new again.  Well not without some Linen MMS Milk Paint first.

It had so many mismatched pieces of hardware that we just started over.  I thought the Linen color might be more creamy in nature, but I would day it is not at all far off from Ironstone to my untrained eye.  Maybe if I had 2 pieces sitting side by side with both paints I might see the difference.
This piece chipped heavily without nearly balding itself!  :-)  I am so darn technical these days...
If you like primitive pieces, which I do have a fondness for, you will love this piece.  And yes, there have been those around my house that shake their head and wonder why I would say this piece is finished and ready to sell.  To each their own I say!
Actually I have an extremely healthy love for all styles and types of furnishings which is why my own home is such an eclectic collection.  It makes me all warm and fuzzy to have that collected look of worn hand me downs, new and stylish, and a bit of the unconventional thrown in once in a while.  I am perfectly content being a bit conflicted on my decorating style!

Hope Spring is blooming where you are cuz it's cold here today!!  Deb

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And a HUGE Thank You to Marian, aka Miss Mustard Seed, for featuring my Sheet Music Dresser this week!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Music Sheet Dresser

Strangely enough, for a post with music in the title, I have no music playing right now to give you a better title.  Is that an Oxymoron or what?!  Anywho, too cold to paint right now so I might as well post instead for the 3 people who haven't deserted me and read this.

I stumbled on a nice old dresser a few weeks ago.  It was sad, sad, sad.  The veneer was mostly missing from the drawer fronts, and chipped on the top and it was grungy, grungy.  Well you can clean em up, but missing massive quantities of veneer is tough.  I remembered a Miss Mustard Seed dresser that I had loved and pinned, and decided to create my version of it.

And here's what I started with.

Good change, eh?  You have to love good bones.  Basically I left the old beat up stain alone and after a thorough cleaning dry brushed some old white on top.

You can see more of it on the side here.

You can see some of the fun music I was lucky enough to find.  
I pulled some vintage glass knobs out of my stash to use on this dresser.  That way they don't distract from the music, though I think black round ones might look like whole notes dancing around on the drawers.  
The top of the dresser presented it's own challenge with that serpentine wave that had to be trimmed!  Eek!
I'm always sure I'm going to ruin a piece late in the game and end up totally mad at myself.
I left pages with purposely torn edges and some dog ears to keep it real.  
All in all I'm so happy with this dresser.  What a fun, fun piece to do!  I absolutely love being able to try new techniques and looks on pieces of furniture.  If I had to do the same thing every day it would make me a bit crazy.  Tell you what though, I'd repeat this one again in a heartbeat!

This dresser can be found for sale at NJ & Co, Omaha.  If you are in the area, stop by tomorrow from 8:30-12:00 for a special Designer/Decorator event on Furniture and Home Furnishings!  

Have a super weekend!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Little on the Side

In between working on some amazing large custom pieces, and a few new things to take down to NJ & Co. which I will be showing you soon, I also completed some cute little side pieces.  Love these because there is almost immediate gratification.  Admit it, sometimes you just need some immediate gratification!  I do at any rate.

Lately it has been difficult for me to find much of anything that resembles solid wood, but especially something that is solid and smallish.  I love side tables.  I crave side tables.  I need side tables for all the rooms of my house!  So here are 2 small side tables I finally found.  (There is a 3rd one I just realized that I failed to photograph before running it up to NJ & Co., pitiful.)
I call this one "Beachy".  The lines and style just reminded me of something a bit 'beach house', or in land locked Nebraska 'lake house'.  I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paints, Florence in a rough undercoat, and Duck Egg as a top coat.
I sanded back heavily to give it a very shabby/worn feel revealing both the undercoat and the wood.
How about some nice rope-look jewelry for Beachy?  Just what she needed.
Perfect size for a lamp table or nightstand.  If you love her you can find her at NJ & Co., Omaha.
Next up, is a small 2 drawer side table/night stand.

She has been painted in a fresh, soft Benjamin Moore green, the color name of which escapes me at the moment.  Love the 2 deep drawers worth of storage.  I am always on the lookout with side tables that have storage and can hide all the little day to day clutter.  She has been lightly distressed and waxed with both light and dark wax.
New "aged" looking hardware complete her look.  She's also waiting for a permanent home at NJ & Co.  Stop by and check her out.  Ladies Night Out is tomorrow from 5-8 p.m. with "Spirited" refreshments and discount offers.

On another note, we are getting close to finalizing our next Prairie Market sale, so keep stopping by to check on the side bar for that date!

Have a fabulous week!