Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Daydream Believer

Carrying on with the iPod inspired blog titles.  Playing right now, Davy Jones (God Bless Him) and the Monkees singing "Daydream Believer".  This should tie in very nicely with this next piece which just happens to be a Mid-Century Modern piece!  "Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?"  Who said it? And I've obviously dated myself with my music AND my quotes.

Moving on,  I scored another sweet MCM piece not too long ago.  It seems to be about the only thing I can snag these days.  They've grown on me, they surely have.  Her before's show HER age for certain, but we can change all that pretty darn quick around here.
Poor old tops, they certainly go first.  Lots of sanding the Mr. helped me with on this one!  Then choosing just the right shade of lipstick paint she started perking right up.
Ah, that's better.  No distressing, just pure Emperor's Silk Chalk Paint and some new hardware paint to freshen the "jewelry" so to speak.
I'd say, "sleepy Jean" is waking up and lookin' good.
As for the top, we sanded I stained and found some issues with the stain not taking in spots.  So, we sanded again and slightly better, but not what I loved seeing.  That's when Plan B kicked in.  It took a while to decide what we could do to salvage a bit of the wood and yet keep it looking good.  
That's where this nice little flower design came in.  Kind of like the old "flower power" flowers of the 60's and 70's.  I love the dotted star design in the center.  They let some of the pretty wood peek through, yet give this piece a fresh and fun little punch.  (As if the color were not enough!)
I hate to label this just a dresser.  I think it would be fun in any room as a nice bright punch of color.  I took this piece and 2 others down to NJ & Co. this afternoon.  Hopefully someone will find her and take her home soon.  If you haven't stopped by NJ & Co. (near HuHot on West Center Rd., Omaha) you really should.  The clothing vendors have some gorgeous new Spring pieces in, the store is stocked up with artwork, and all forms of home decor, the new jewelry is so very shiny (I love shiny), and I'll be taking several more pieces down there in the next week or two.  Ladies' Night Out the first Thurs. of every month 6-8 p.m.  

Hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are!
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Blowin' in the Wind

Another breezy day on the Plains or, Peter, Paul & Mary, your choice!  I think I'll just turn on my ipod every time I need a post title and you can see my exceedingly eccletic music collection right along with my excessively eccletic furniture projects.

It is always strange how furniture finds seem to run in phases and flashes.  Lately it's been a glut of mid-century modern pieces when a year ago I couldn't find any at all.  Luckily I have a few antique pieces in my stash to pull out when I feel the need to change things up a bit.  Here's a piece I snuck in quickly before moving on to a custom order on a new, traditional piece.  I do love me some antiques!

I showed this before a couple of weeks ago.  The top had already been sanded smooth and restained, and rough spots and veneer damage patched.  It wasn't in horrible shape, just showin' her age.
I decided to play a bit with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and just haphazardly slapped on Old White and Old Ocher all over this piece.  I only painted 1 coat, and sanded back until it was "baby bottom smooth".  It distressed it beautifully and the combination of closely related paints gave it a neat patina.  I suppose I could have created a similar look with dark wax, but it was a great way to use up a bit of paint left in the bottom of both paint cans.
I kept the original brass hardware, just gave it a good cleaning to remove the buildup of gunk and grime.   Here's the close up for you to see the details.
The top was satined in Minwax, Jacobean which is a really rich dark brown and my personal favorite.  I know this picture doesn't do it justice, but the way the top was originally designed there was a border of darker wood around a lighter inset.  You can sort of see it better in the before photo.  It is still apparent in the top after the re-do, and I love that!  This short dresser came on wheels and those bottom 2 drawers are huge, both wide and deep.  It took everything I had to summon up the will power to not stick this over next to my sofa with a lamp on it and stake a claim.  It will make a great addition to a family room, bedroom, or entry hall.  I would use it as a side table or nightstand in a heartbeat, but it would look great at the foot of a raised bed, under the big screen, or in a dining room as a shorter sideboard.  Shoot sneak it under a window as a sort of window seat and your cat will love you forever!  I do believe you better beat me down to NJ & Co. in Omaha for this one or it just might be coming back home with me.  Seriously.

Hope you have a wonderful week filled with your own special Sunshine!
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Go Big Red!

In my neck of the woods you could be in a group anywhere and yell, "Go Big Red (dragging out each word)" and immediately someone from nearby would return the cheer.  We love our Cornhuskers out here.  It should be no surprise then that red is a favorite color in decorating.  I loved having the chance to paint something red.  It's one of my favorite colors, and this piece was perfect for it.

A customer/client that purchased the nail head buffet several months ago contacted me to see if I had anything mid-century modern in black, gray, or red.  At the time I had a couple of possible candidates in my hoard /stash.   She opted to wait and sure enough one day when I was thrifting the clouds parted, the angels sang and there was her piece just waiting for paint.

A few dings, and scuffs and what looked like a "puppy corner".  You know where that darn adorable puppy you just got insists on cutting it's puppy teeth on the corner of all your furniture.  Best of all, the inside was really clean and SMOKE FREE!  I hate it when smoke ruins (practically) a nice piece of furniture.  I did end up needing to refinish the top completely, took care of "puppy corner" and gave it the coat of paint as requested.  Look how fun this turned out!
To match her existing home hardware we resprayed the original fun, square pulls with a satin silver and gave it a silver pedi to match.
Once sanded the scratches and water rings disappeared and stain and antique oil had the finish looking and feeling fabulous again.
The paint is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Husker Red Emperor's Silk, finished in AS Clear Wax only for a nice bright saturated finish. The stain is Minwax Jacobean, topped with Minwax Antique Oil for a satin, hand-rubbed finish.  

I think this will make a gorgeous buffet/side board/console table in her family room!  What a fun piece this was.  I just love furniture!!!

Great blessings to you all this week!
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Owl Have That!

(Insert whiny voice), blog post titles are Soooo Hard! Sorry, I just don't have it in me to do any better this morning.  My next best was, "Who's lookin' at you?"  Whatever.  I wish I had a before picture, but I do have one of her sister so you can get the idea

Mid-Century modern, 2 tone stain, sturdy, well made, but rather beat up, potential.  I had some fun with this one via some whimsical hardware.
These photos are horrible, because this winter just won't end.  I want to be working in the workshop again and have it nice enough to get some decent photos in good light.  My house just does not cut it.  Look beyond that.  Fun Hardware called my name, and Spring colors dominate!
Cute bohemian owl cut out reverse stencil.  Some Duck Egg Blue paint under the Arles.
I am becoming a Hardware Hoarder!  Anyone with me?  Seriously, could they make any cuter hardware these days?  I've started buying the hardware first then looking for a piece of furniture I could put it on!
While not terribly large, this piece has some great storage in those 4 large drawers.  I don't think I'd want to limit this piece to strictly a bedroom, though it would be cute in one.  Where would you think to use it?

This is headed down to NJ & Co. tomorrow for any locals who want to see it in person.  And since it is visible in the background anyway I'll give you a sneak peek at my current project.
In the "winter workshop", and heaven help me, I hope next winter to not have to paint in the house!

Have a Super week!  More reveals coming!
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