Monday, March 4, 2013

Owl Have That!

(Insert whiny voice), blog post titles are Soooo Hard! Sorry, I just don't have it in me to do any better this morning.  My next best was, "Who's lookin' at you?"  Whatever.  I wish I had a before picture, but I do have one of her sister so you can get the idea

Mid-Century modern, 2 tone stain, sturdy, well made, but rather beat up, potential.  I had some fun with this one via some whimsical hardware.
These photos are horrible, because this winter just won't end.  I want to be working in the workshop again and have it nice enough to get some decent photos in good light.  My house just does not cut it.  Look beyond that.  Fun Hardware called my name, and Spring colors dominate!
Cute bohemian owl cut out reverse stencil.  Some Duck Egg Blue paint under the Arles.
I am becoming a Hardware Hoarder!  Anyone with me?  Seriously, could they make any cuter hardware these days?  I've started buying the hardware first then looking for a piece of furniture I could put it on!
While not terribly large, this piece has some great storage in those 4 large drawers.  I don't think I'd want to limit this piece to strictly a bedroom, though it would be cute in one.  Where would you think to use it?

This is headed down to NJ & Co. tomorrow for any locals who want to see it in person.  And since it is visible in the background anyway I'll give you a sneak peek at my current project.
In the "winter workshop", and heaven help me, I hope next winter to not have to paint in the house!

Have a Super week!  More reveals coming!
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  1. I can't wait for the reveals and I think it's a HOOOT that you named your title as you did. I love it. It's a real EYE opener. OMG Owl do this all day!!
    (ok stopping now I'm sure my kids would be mortified right now :)!!

  2. Winter is not ending here either - another foot of snow expected tomorrow! But I love seeing where you paint in the winter. The owl is fun and I crush on hardware too!

  3. Oh, that's so cute!! I adore all the owls, and I could become a hardware hoarder SO easily!

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