Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Twice Nice Paint Store is Open!!

It still needs more fluffing and more beautifying, but the Twice Nice booth at the Brass Armadillo with the American Paint Company paints is officially stocked and open! Woo!
A few more colors are being shipped so the complete line will be here by the end of the week.  I've also got a few of the limited edition Ellis Collection is on it's way also.  I absolutely love the Ellis Collection colors and am hoping some of them will find their way to the permanent line.  They will be in pint containers perfect for smaller projects.  

Thanks to my entire family for trooping in last night and helping with the move and unpacking to get me set up and ready to go!  Love you guys!

I feel incredibly blessed with this opportunity, and I can not wait to start hosting some workshops and introducing this paint line to those who love DIY as much as I do.  Be watching for a posting with class descriptions and dates soon.

Some of the colors you see in this photo are (left to right) Desert Cactus over Waistcoat on far left table, Rushmore with stripes of Limoges, Crushed Tea, Waistcoat and Peacock on the dresser.  On top of the dresser a small file box with Liberty and Dark wax, a red tote box with Fireworks Red over Desert Cactus, the large cabinet is Amber Waves of Grain with Freedom Road on the inside, the pedestal bowl is Nana's cupboard, the mirror is Coral Reef, and then a custom mix of Blue Jeans and Navajo White over Navajo White on the dresser to the right.  

Please let me know if I can help you with any of your paint product needs!  Thanks for the support!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans

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I'm quite unashamedly a 'blue jean kinda girl'.  Dressing up is fine once in a while, but my go to almost every single day is something in denim.  Finally furniture and Blue Jeans meet!
This is actually a custom mix of American Paint Company's 'Blue Jeans'.  I based this cute little dresser in APC's Navajo White, then mixed more of the white with Blue Jeans to create this pretty shade of faded denim.  Pretty much it was one coat of each color since I wanted the white to play back through.
The top had an old crackly, but thankfully still intact, leather inset.  I just painted over it also.
The hardware is also painted in Navajo White and sealed with top coat.
One of my favorite things about APC is the ability to easily wet distress.  That's exactly what I did with this chest.  I finished it all off with clear wax and then added a bit of dark wax in a few spots.
Seriously, doesn't this remind you of your favorite pair of comfy denim jeans?  This 4 drawer chest is the perfect size for a side or lamp table for nearly any room in the house.  It will be available soon at The Brass Armadillo along with all the American Paint Company paints and products necessary to create your own similar project!  Be watching for my Grand Opening Announcement.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Little Table that could

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This little table was just a sad, wobbly gal with pretty legs when my friend Tammy spotted her for me.  Tammy has a good eye for potential though!  I've searched for her before photo but must have missed this one.

When all my new American Paint colors arrived I new right away what I wanted to try out on her.
Desert Cactus over Waistcoat.  Desert Cactus is a gorgeous rich khaki color, and Waistcoat is a beautiful saturated Chartreuse Green color.  So delicious with a bit of a kick!
I wet distressed just enough to let some of the Waistcoat peek through and even a bit of the original wood tones show up.
Some day I'm going to showcase Waistcoat as my primary color because I absolutely love it!
As a nice little surprise I painted the inside of the drawer and did not top coat with Desert Cactus.  I love the little jolt you get when you open the drawer.  That new knob reads amber to me, but photographs more plum like.  Either way I think it is the perfect knob for this piece.
Once those legs were tightened up, and a few rough spots patched this fun little table painted up beautifully.  Dark, antiquing wax, really richness up the colors, and it buffed like a dream.  I love American Paint Company and their products!

Have a great week!  Deb

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

American Paint Company

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About a year ago I ordered my first cans of Chalk, Clay, & Mineral Based paints from American Paint Company.  I loved that it was all natural, zero VOC, solvent free, and eco friendly.  It is a creamy rich paint that requires no priming or sanding, adheres beautifully, and gives you so many finish options.  Since their roll out to the DIY market they have added many new colors, mica powders, glazes, wax options (no odor, thank you!), grit, and a great water based top coat.  I found myself using it more and more and finally decided that I'd love nothing more than to help others use this paint!

I have officially become an authorized American Paint Company Dealer, and the paints will be available locally very soon at The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Omaha, NE!!!  I hope to help the folks in Eastern NE and Western IA with their DIY paint projects with a full selection of colors and finishes.

Here is a nice sampling of their colors, though I wish it had been sunny enough to get some natural light photos for you.  Everything from a beautiful Navy to a soft sunny sky blue, shown with both clear and dark wax.

How about some nice pops of color for a special piece?

More than enough neutrals to please everyone and every piece.  These are just a few of my sample boards.  I'm furiously working to paint up samples, furniture, and a new display cabinet to showcase to feature many of these colors so that customers can see it and feel it.  Workshops in different techniques will be offered beginning this summer.  And the booth itself should be ready to go by the end of May, or as soon as we can get in and decorate and set up.   Feel free to contact me for more information in the meantime.  I look forward to a long and happy relationship with you and the American Paint Company family!  We are going to Restyle, Reuse, and Repurpose with this fabulous paint!

Check back here frequently for updates on the exact date the booth is ready to go, and look for me on "Montana Ave" at The Brass Armadillo on Sapp Drive, Omaha, NE!

Have a great week!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Somethin' a brewin'...

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Winds from the east...Mist comein' in...Like somthin' 'was brewin', about to begin...Can't put me finger on what lies in store...but I feel whats to 'appen, all 'appened before...!

Wait for it..........

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Custom finishes

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For the past couple of years custom finishes has become a huge part of my business.  Mostly I love it, since my customers/clients are wonderful people who seem to truly appreciate and love what I do.  Sometimes I miss just being able to 'let it fly' like I do with my own pieces, but their seems to be a season and a place for both kinds of work.

Here are a couple of recent client finishes and these are a bad cell phone photo and workshop photos so not great at all, but I don't want you to forget me while I work through these pieces so that's what you get right now.
This is the base for a large Hutch that I recently finished.  I did not take photos of it together because the top has been modified and putting it together needs to be done in a permanent fashion in order to make it secure.  Hard to explain, but trust me.  Hopefully this client will take a photo of it when it is installed in her new home.  She's converting a barn into her still my heart!
It is an amazing piece with these lovely wire fronted doors.
2 tones and some distressing for it's new update.  Hardware sprayed and sealed to finish the update.

Lovely piece for a lovely client!  Can't wait until she sees it in person.

Here's the bad cell photo on delivery day.
A multi-layered piece much like 'Sochi' for another lovely client's guest room dresser.  This baby is sturdy and newly stylish as it was a very tired scratched up old brown.  The photo does not do it justice at all which is a shame.  Maybe Diane will send us a better photo some time.

Another custom chair got away with no photo.  Never fear though, the rest of the set will be coming to me in Mid-June for their makeover and I'll try and get some photos of those!

Have a great week!