Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Some Zinc on the side

Earlier this summer I saw a piece at The Salvage Collection that very much appealed to me.  Amy is a very creative soul and I love following her blog and seeing how she transforms her pieces.  In other words, "she's a GENIOUS"!  You definitely need to hop over there for a visit if you have never been before.  In addition to being very creative, she is an extremely witty writer.  In the link above she created a "faux Zinc" technique on a pretty chest.  I fell in love with the idea of trying it out.  And with her blessing, and following her tutorial I finally found a piece to try it out on.
It is a very simple process really.  And that's what I like...simple process, big results.
I'll let you check out Amy's blog for the steps, but I will say that Annie Sloan's Graphite works beautifully for your base coat.
I just love that subtle shimmer.
My Zinc attempt is not quite as bright and light as Amy's but I am overall very pleased with the results.  I may or may not go back over it again to lighten it up.  I also love that any flaws in the finish only add to the texture of the process.
I finished my side table off with some square mercury glass knobs, which I have been dying to use on the right piece.
I definitely would love to make another Zinc piece like this for my home.  Thank you so much Amy for sharing your talents with us!
A huge Thank you to Crafty in Canada for nominating me for a "One Lovely Blog" award!!
I've been remiss in passing on the award, but know that I am truly grateful and feel blessed to have been chosen.  I can give you the 7 things about me though!
1.  Being married to a retired Army officer leaves me still feeling the itch to move every couple of years.
2.  I'm the oldest, I can get bossy really fast.
3.  I'm more of a "get er done" gal than a stop and ponder gal.
4.  I make up crazy songs at the drop of a hat.  It now embarrases my teenagers, and makes tasks easier for my almost 7 year old.  Either way it makes me smile more.
5.  I'm a "phase" cooker.  Sometimes I have a LOVE it phase and other times...not so much!
6.  I can not seriously remember a time in my life that I wasn't busy doing something creatively. 
7.  I am quite the "Pollyanna", always have been/always will be.  If you know what that means then you know my age.  If not, then you'll have to check Wikipedia to see what it means. 
Have a super week!
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  1. love the masculinity of this one, deb, and with those fun knobs! i have some of those knobs but haven't yet found the right piece for them.

  2. What a beautiful finish and the knobs are a perfect accent!

  3. I love this piece and checked out her blog !!shes amazing

  4. Ooohhh....that is a pretty little piece. Very unique. I like it....it would go well with lots of antiques....just saying.... :)

  5. your "zinc" table looks amazing. and those knobs? to D I E for!! the perfect combination!

    thank you for the kudos!


  6. I totally get the Pollyanna reference. I think of her every time I see those dangly crystals.
    I just recently found your blog and I'm so glad I did. Can't wait to check out all your links and projects.


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