Monday, June 24, 2013

Kitchen Work Space

Hello my friends!  Here is another fun finish from a few weeks ago.  I remember in my Grandmother's kitchen there was always an old oak table or chair that was put to use when she needed to use her meat grinder, or to dry noodles on (the most AMAZING homemade noodles for Chicken and Noodles), or to set the pie on to cool.  The chair and table had the most amazing patina and wear on them.  This particular project had me waxing all nostalgic from start to finish.  Honestly I'd never sell this if I thought I could use it as my kitchen island and not have the other 4 kitchen elves not running into it every time they turned around.  I'm very tempted to try it though!
This antique 5 leg table has the most amazing wear on it.  It's like it just came out of Grandma's kitchen or back porch!
We stripped the top down and I re stained it in Weathered Oak by Minwax.  The stains would not come out, but they look like they should be there.  There are even the old small holes and wear marks by some sort of gadget that was attached to the top at some point in time. 

See the 5th, center leg?  Love it.  I painted this one in ASCP Duck Egg Blue and sanded it smooth and showing some of that solid oak.  Lovely I tell you.  This is my kind of finish.  I do believe if I had an old farm house I could decorate it all in prim and be quite content.

Let me know if this needs to move to your kitchen.  

Have a great week!

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Proof of Life

Where are the easy, breezy days of Summer??  Really, where?  Somehow it seems like we just got stuck on that May schedule (chaos) and have never moved on.  My girls seem well rested and have carved out ample amounts of 'down time'.  Say what?!  Anyway, to prove that I am alive and kickin' over here I'll do a quick reveal.  This piece has been done for a month, but I've still not managed to get a decent photo of it, so I'll just give you one more of the cruddy phone photos.  But it still counts right? Right.

Almost the day after I got this buffet I was slapping paint on it.  It's a grand old Drexel with a few years on it.  I'd say judging by the pickled oak finish it was from sometime in the late 70's early 80's.  It is one heavy babe, and so well made.  As much as I love rescuing the much abused piece of furniture and turning it around, sometimes it is pure bliss to be able to just wipe it down and bust out the paint cans.  The top was sanded and re stained in an English Chestnut stain by Minwax.  The handles have an almost copper finish/patina on them and I love how that top pulls that whole look together.  The body is Old Ochre and just a tiny bit of light distressing to show off some of the trim.  Lots of storage in this baby.  I think of this as a great media console, though obviously it would work wonderfully in a Dining Room.  For now, it's for sale...unless I can talk the Mr. into a new Big screen for the wall upstairs, Ha!

I'm working several custom orders, and a few smaller paint projects of mine.  It's a busy time, but life is good and sleep is over rated!  Right?

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there.  Most especially my Dad, who is an incredible inspiration to me every day, and to the Mr. who is such an amazing Dad to his three Princesses.  I love him to pieces!!