Friday, August 24, 2012

Sweet Pink Dresser

Happy Friday!  This poor dresser has been sitting here finished for a week and waiting for someone to shoot a photo of her.  Ahem, that someone would be me, who has been slightly distracted by lots of other projects and plans. 

This dresser was just such a pretty little petite piece that I think it almost begged me to keep her sweet and girly. 
Pretty little feet, scrolly little backboard = Antoinette Chalk paint in my my little world anyway!

I ended up basing it in Old White and then distressing the pink coat back to reveal both the white and wood.
The top stayed dark with a new coat of Jacobean by Minwax and several coats of poly.  I should add that I used both light and dark wax to get the look I was after. 
Totally sweet for a young girls room don't you think?  She would pair well with Hard Candy Christmas.
I hope this day finds you sitting in sunshine and full of Love and Hope!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Past Due Feature Thanks!

Ahh, all the minions are back at school happily ensconced with their friends and new teachers!  I do not seem to bounce from chaotic summer to solitary school year very quickly.  But I'm hoping to establish something of a more consistent schedule for myself soon!

That being said, this is a very belated thank you to Sharon of Elizabeth & Co. for featuring me last week at her link party!!  (Sorry Sharon).  Life sort of got in the way the last week, but I so appreciated the shout out for my Omaha Subway dresser.  Sharon is a very important person to me as she provided a tremendous amount of support and help with all my questions about their tag sales.  We used their sales as a model for what we developed into the Prairie Market.  I never miss reading her blog and checking out all the great links on her link parties.  Go check it out today, she's hosting another one right now! 

I've been more busy working on the "smalls" lately.  It's just the mood I've been in.  Immediate gratification, sometimes you've gotta have it!  All my photos still need to be edited, but I'll try and get a couple of more timely posts up this week.  I have plenty of big projects coming up though too, so stay tuned! 

Have a beautiful day!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Omaha Subway

How's that for a working title that may not get changed because I feel a bit "brain fried" at the moment?!  I've been AWOL again but my Dad was in ICU with a head injury (scary!) for several days and I wanted to lend some support and help to my Mom.  Thank you to all who knew and sent prayers our way.  I know it helped, and he is now home resting up and healing.

So I want to talk subway, not the sandwiches, but the art form.  I have been smitten with subway dressers since I first saw one many months ago.  I can't tell you where I saw it and I know there have been any number of versions done for all different areas and themes, but I do remember the one Twice Lovely presented on her blog a while back.  I've been wanting to do one for my area ever since and I finally have the perfect dresser to make it happen.  That, and a little incentive to "git er done". 
Here is Omaha.
I had already started the prep work when I had to leave town to be with my family, so when I came home it went together very quickly and I put the last coat of wax on it this morning. 
I decided to use Historical Landmarks around the Omaha area to feature on the dresser front.  It was based in Old White.
I used my Silhouette and various fonts to create the graphics for the drawers. The top coat is ASCP Graphite.
If you live around here you might be familiar with a few of these!  There was not enough dresser to include everything I came up with!  Maybe Omaha will need a brother or sister one of these days.
This was definitely a "fun one".  I needed that feeling after a stressful few days.  This dresser may or may not have an interesting temporary home soon.  We'll see, and I'll keep you posted on where you can find it for sale! 

Be good to one another!
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