Thursday, July 17, 2014

Omaha, Omaha!

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A piece almost always seems to tell me how it's going to look before I even start it.  Most of the time it even works out that way.  I have to say I had a plan, and then the plan went sideways.  At the same time I was talking to a friend and she encouraged me to do another Omaha Subway art piece.  Perfect timing/divine intervention do you think?  Of course it was!  So I took this dresser/console piece and here it is...Omaha Subway #3.

Remember the NFL playoff games and Payton Manning's famous "Omaha, Omaha" calls?  Yeah, around here we got enjoyed that a lot.

This is a Kent Coffee piece from "The Fanfare" line.  It had a few minor nicks that needed filled and a couple of chips out of the top, and it was a bit tired looking from lots of use.  Those 6 drawers are nice, deep, dovetailed, and really clean.  It has a 1951 stamp on the back.
Once again, I picked lots of different historical or significant fun buildings and areas to highlight.  It is by no means a complete collection, but hopefully some that will stir some pleasant memories for many.
It might not really make sense but I love to vary the fonts and size to make this a really fun piece.  Some day I might try symmetrical, but I'm not really sure if I'm a "symmetrical" kind of gal. Ha!
I'll let you know later just where to find this piece if you are interested.  Unless it ends up in my house because one of these days I'm going to keep one of these Babies!!

Have a good week.  Hope to keep adding some new things to look at as we are now entering the gear up for the Fall Prairie Market Sale!  Details on that in the button at the top of my page.


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Monday, June 23, 2014

Every Piece Tells a Story

Pin It  My friend Lori and her friend Patti commissioned a special piece for some young newlyweds, and I was happy to do so.  Lori's Mom was my preschool Sunday School teacher so I've known her for a loooooong time.  Good thing too, cuz the piece they picked needed some 'splainin'.  The piece they chose, and no I forgot to take any before photos again, looked pretty decent on the outside excluding a dark stain or two on the top.  What we failed to notice at first was that the drawer bottoms were all patchworked together because the glides were all messed up.  The holes for the old, but not original, hardware were drilled at extremely odd angles and not all.  And the legs had been cut off at some point in it's life.  At least they seemed level as it does not rock at all.  Well, all old pieces tell a story of sorts, and I loved finding an old political sign tacked up as a make-do drawer bottom.  I did not like that all the tiny nails someone had added in the feeble hope of keeping sketchy bottoms attached, but they missed the support wood completely and were lining the back of each drawer to make lock jaw seem like a given.  What I did think, once we removed all the tiny nails was that someone really loved this piece enough to try, despite maybe limited furniture repair skills, and hold this dresser together and make it last.  So to the young couple who receives this dresser, may you share many joys and, if there are rough spots, scratches, and dings along the way, may you use whatever means necessary to patch things up!  The truly good things are worth the work, the stories they tell are more interesting and appreciated.

When Lori and Patti commissioned this piece they gave me a lot of freedom.  Because this piece was quite old and had some oily spots that even my best primers couldn't quite kill I chose to blend 3 different colors for the base.  The movement would disguise any "freckles" that still wanted to bleed through.  And the oak was a bit rough and the graining opened up in some spots.  I used American Paint Company paints in Rushmore, Smoke Signal, and Plymouth Rock.  Just dipping and blending as I went.  It really seemed to soften up some of the rougher areas.
There was a lot of back and forth discussion on what kind of graphic to use on those nice flat drawers.  With the help of the Bride's Mother we were able to access some inspirational pins from the Bride's Pinterest Board.  Such a great idea!  Here is the one that I chose to use on this piece.  With some tiny pops of Peacock and Fireworks Red and Freedom Road for the lettering it all started coming together.
It's always a process with client pieces.  They wanted something bright and graphic and my first attempt didn't quite get it, but you just can't go wrong with Chevrons.  Especially chevrons in a nice happy yellow.  It's called A-Maize-ing, and it is!  We repaired all those wonky hardware holes and added new simple black pulls.    Sooo much better!
It's a good feeling to see this old but wonderful dresser writing a new chapter with a young couple writing their own new chapter!  Congratulations!  Wishing you all the Best!!


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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hoping for Patience!

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I have not been a very good blogger lately.  Lots of reasons, some of them related to Summer vacation for the children who already seem bored.  Well, except for the ones who are working a lot!
<Happy Face>  A multitude of medical appointments to get caught up on to keep us all eligible for the schools, camps, etc.  And I am working on trying to get all things up and running for the APC paint line.  I want to create some amazing workshops to introduce you locals to this amazing paints.  So, in between wrangling the children around, I know I only have 3 but it seems like more, I am working on schedules, and plans, and materials, and ordering more stuff, and completing some custom work, etc., etc., etc.  It's all good stuff and pretty darn fun when it all starts to come together.  So keep watching for some new reveals AND a completed class list for workshops here at my workshop!

In the meantime, I begged a few friends to come over and let me use them as "practice students" last week.  I am happy to say that they obliged (wine helps), and they ended up with some awesome finished pieces to take home.  Here are a few photos from our practice Paint-A-Piece workshop.

She painted a cute little oak side table in Amber Waves of Grain and did an awesome job with it!

Nicole used Shoreline to transform this adorable step stool.  I just love that color!

Niki chose a bold statement color, Orange Grove, to rehab this thrift store find for her daughter's room.

Niki sent this photo of the chair once she had the seat recovered and attached.
Isn't that awesome?!!!  I just love this, and bet her daughter does too.

So, all levels of experience with painting furniture and look what these fun and adorable gals took home with them!  Thank you Ladies, it was a blast, and I learned a lot just by having you over!

Email me if you think you might be interested in a class soon.  I'm starting an email list and as soon as the classes are firmed up I'll be sending that information out.  Click on the little envelope button under my photo and bio in the right hand column.

Have a super week!  Stay safe with all this stormy weather around.

Monday, June 2, 2014


Pin ItOne of my VERY favorite new musicals, and no this is not a review.  I do have a piece of furniture that reminds me a lot of Elphaba, the wicked witch, so I just thought that title fitting.  Work with me people, naming these posts is hard enough.

As a new retailer with American Paint Company I am determined to try all of the colors of the paint line.  I'm even going to use the ones that have scared me spitless in the past.  It might not always be in big doses, at times it might be a subtle stripe or accent color, or even an under layer of paint.  This time I went BIG and BOLD and let this color shout out it's gorgeousness!  Meet Home Turf, aka Elphaba from Wicked.
It is definitely a big, bold green and quite frankly a color that scared me a bit.  That's why I rubbed half of it off.  Just kidding!!  My Mr. brought home this bottom half of a hutch, because he knows how to make me all happy, that was just a cute little cottage styled piece.  This was a very light pine, with some fairly mild scratches and just a few dings in it.  To me it seemed like a piece my Great Grandmother would have had in her farm house for many years.  It would have been a practical piece in the kitchen, not the dining room.  It would have housed the things she needed to make bread, or homemade pies, or her meat grinder.
Great Grandma Ethel would have loved that it was bright and cheerful and looked like it had been used well to create fabulous food for her family.  
So I chose Home Turf, which is the color of new Spring Grass that has finally come to rescue us from drab winter hues.  And frankly, this color can be a lot to handle at times.  But wow, look how it makes this cottage piece sing.  
How could you not be happy with this in your space?  I deliberately used a light coverage over the majority of this piece.  I wanted it to look as if time and worn much of the finish off.  I followed with APC's brown glaze, and I deliberately used it on the unsealed paint so that it would absorb  better.  I wanted it to seem old and a bit stained in spots, to feel well loved and well used.  Dark wax finished it up and made it so easy to buff a nice sheen in.
I love the original wooden hardware and the dark metal hinges.  The drawers are deep and would be a great addition for extra kitchen storage, but this bold pop of color would look fabulous in a lot of rooms!  Where would you use it?  The store at the Omaha Brass Armadillo is fully stocked with Home Turf and I'll be updating the inventory with some colors that were out of stock when I got my initial shipment later this week.  Stop by and browse the colors, contact me and I'll help you color plan your piece and walk you through using this fabulous paint!  Coming soon, paint classes!

Have a fabulous first week of June! 
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Twice Nice Paint Store is Open!!

It still needs more fluffing and more beautifying, but the Twice Nice booth at the Brass Armadillo with the American Paint Company paints is officially stocked and open! Woo!
A few more colors are being shipped so the complete line will be here by the end of the week.  I've also got a few of the limited edition Ellis Collection is on it's way also.  I absolutely love the Ellis Collection colors and am hoping some of them will find their way to the permanent line.  They will be in pint containers perfect for smaller projects.  

Thanks to my entire family for trooping in last night and helping with the move and unpacking to get me set up and ready to go!  Love you guys!

I feel incredibly blessed with this opportunity, and I can not wait to start hosting some workshops and introducing this paint line to those who love DIY as much as I do.  Be watching for a posting with class descriptions and dates soon.

Some of the colors you see in this photo are (left to right) Desert Cactus over Waistcoat on far left table, Rushmore with stripes of Limoges, Crushed Tea, Waistcoat and Peacock on the dresser.  On top of the dresser a small file box with Liberty and Dark wax, a red tote box with Fireworks Red over Desert Cactus, the large cabinet is Amber Waves of Grain with Freedom Road on the inside, the pedestal bowl is Nana's cupboard, the mirror is Coral Reef, and then a custom mix of Blue Jeans and Navajo White over Navajo White on the dresser to the right.  

Please let me know if I can help you with any of your paint product needs!  Thanks for the support!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans

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I'm quite unashamedly a 'blue jean kinda girl'.  Dressing up is fine once in a while, but my go to almost every single day is something in denim.  Finally furniture and Blue Jeans meet!
This is actually a custom mix of American Paint Company's 'Blue Jeans'.  I based this cute little dresser in APC's Navajo White, then mixed more of the white with Blue Jeans to create this pretty shade of faded denim.  Pretty much it was one coat of each color since I wanted the white to play back through.
The top had an old crackly, but thankfully still intact, leather inset.  I just painted over it also.
The hardware is also painted in Navajo White and sealed with top coat.
One of my favorite things about APC is the ability to easily wet distress.  That's exactly what I did with this chest.  I finished it all off with clear wax and then added a bit of dark wax in a few spots.
Seriously, doesn't this remind you of your favorite pair of comfy denim jeans?  This 4 drawer chest is the perfect size for a side or lamp table for nearly any room in the house.  It will be available soon at The Brass Armadillo along with all the American Paint Company paints and products necessary to create your own similar project!  Be watching for my Grand Opening Announcement.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Little Table that could

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This little table was just a sad, wobbly gal with pretty legs when my friend Tammy spotted her for me.  Tammy has a good eye for potential though!  I've searched for her before photo but must have missed this one.

When all my new American Paint colors arrived I new right away what I wanted to try out on her.
Desert Cactus over Waistcoat.  Desert Cactus is a gorgeous rich khaki color, and Waistcoat is a beautiful saturated Chartreuse Green color.  So delicious with a bit of a kick!
I wet distressed just enough to let some of the Waistcoat peek through and even a bit of the original wood tones show up.
Some day I'm going to showcase Waistcoat as my primary color because I absolutely love it!
As a nice little surprise I painted the inside of the drawer and did not top coat with Desert Cactus.  I love the little jolt you get when you open the drawer.  That new knob reads amber to me, but photographs more plum like.  Either way I think it is the perfect knob for this piece.
Once those legs were tightened up, and a few rough spots patched this fun little table painted up beautifully.  Dark, antiquing wax, really richness up the colors, and it buffed like a dream.  I love American Paint Company and their products!

Have a great week!  Deb