Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oldies but Goodies

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I think this title could also be referring to the different "Throw Back Thursday" Music groups I heard on talk shows today while I painted.  I mean Hall and Oats and REO Speedwagon all in one day!  At first when I heard them I was too busy painting to look up, and then when I did I was almost sorry.  They don't look like they used to, of course I don't look like I did when I used to listen to them either.  I just don't need the reminder if you know  what I mean.

Now let's transition right on over to another oldie but goodie.  I scored a nice sturdy fairly plain oak dresser not long ago.  It had such simple lines that it kind of begged for some form of embellishment.
Graphics? Stencil? Subway Art? In the end I honored the simplicity with some simple stripes in some gorgeous colors.

This entire pallet of paint colors is from American Paint Company line of paints.  The main body color is Rushmore.  I love this warm gray/taupe color.  This color goes with nearly everything.

The outside light color is Limoges,  part of APC's limited edition Ellis Island collection.  I love so many of these I hope to see them added to the main line!  The green is Waistcoat, a gorgeous chartreuse green.  The thin line is Tea Leaves and the large center stripe is Peacock, my favorite.  It is the most spectacular rich color!
The top was full of water stains which fortunately we were able to sand down.  A little dark stain and some antique oil and this baby is looking pretty again.
Don't these pretty little wood tone  knobs look sweet with this dresser?  With this close up you can see why I like these colors so much.

I think I definitely like simple pieces once in a while.  They are so very satisfying.

I'm knee deep in a large custom hutch right now.  It's coming along beautifully and I'll hopefully snag some photos before it goes back to its home when finished.

Have a great end of the week!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Senior Year & stencil fun!

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My oldest is a Senior in High School this year.  And yes, I am slightly freaked out by that!  It is both an exciting time in their lives and a nostalgic time in their parents lives.  Anyhow, just so you know I am a bit scattered right now with all those "last" this' and thats' for her, while also enjoying the last quarter of the 10th, and 2nd graders' year also with my other 2 kiddos.  Here is a little Prom moment. to share.  I'm definitely biased, but she is just so lovely.

I am so proud of this young woman!  She is just a joy to have around, and I just can't believe how fast the years have flown by.   Next time I'll pick on another child to plop up here in a post.  Love them all!  There are just lots of programs, parties to plan and attend, graduation, and other obligations so if I'm absent a bit for the next couple of months you'll know why.

 I am continuing to work on projects, though not as many and most are client projects that I often have a hard time photographing before they leave.  I do have 2 pieces that have been finished for a while and just waiting for a spare moment to get their 15 minutes of fame on the blog.  This piece has been done for a while and was so much fun to work on.
It's early life was steeped in golden oak, with great lines, and eventually some water damage that caused it to be abandoned at a thrift store.  I'm there for you baby.  I brought her home and worked to level out the raised areas left by the the water damage.  This piece was just for pure fun and I do wish I had taken more close up photos, but it was bitterly cold out at the time.  Don't let that Nebraska sun fool you!  I chose to work with some of the American Paint Company Limited Ellis Island Collection.  There is a haphazard layering of 'Crushed Tea' and 'Peacock' over the entire body.  I finished with a coat of 'Limoge'.  Sanded down a bit to knock off any paint strokes a bit, then wet distressed.  I love how this clay and chalk based paint distresses so easily, and the colors in both the regular line and special collection are fabulous.  I wish you could see the Peacock peeking through the top coat.  

If it hadn't been such a wickedly cold winter I might have tried to get a few more photos.

I broke out one of my new stencils and used the Crushed Tea color to stencil a hounds tooth pattern on top.  I distressed again as I liked that contrast of the more formal styled table taking on a bit of a shabby/rustic style.  3 coats of APC's no odor clear wax finished it all up.  It's finished and ready for someone fun and hip that needs it!

Have a super week!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Impulse Buy

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I will admit that I sometimes buy furniture to rehab a bit impulsively.  By that I mean that I know that I will have to store it until close to our next Prairie Market sale or it gets called up to NJ & Co.  And tables are one of those things that it's just not practical to store for too long unless you own your own barn, which, much to my dismay, I don't own!  That's why, of course, I currently have 2 tables.  I seem to have little self-control if I like something...  So, really I just need a barn.  The end.

However, NJ & Co. did request a table so I broke out my favorite one and got it restyled and down to the store.  If you need a new table in your life you need to head down to NJ & Co. right now!!!
Here's the 411 on this piece.
The before:
A bit shabby on the top but solid and nicely built.  There were some burn marks on the top so we opted to go with a painted top.  It also has 3 12 inch leaves, complete with aprons, so it goes from 48 inches to huge very easily!


Here she is all set up in the store with some gorgeous chairs from NJ & Co.(they have 4 if you are interested).  I stayed neutral on this one as it could be great fun to mix and match chairs with her, especially when she is extended for larger gatherings.

Here's the close up with a bit funky lighting it seems (my bad...editing).

The base, as you can see is a split single pedestal base.

I haven't talked a lot about NJ & Co. for a while now.  It is a great boutique, owned by two great women and the Co. is another 4 of us who consign and rent space there with our products.  They carry everything from Home Decor, and Furniture to Jewelry, Purses, and Boutique Clothing.  It's an amazing store and I am so proud to be associated with them!  Please stop by if you are from the Omaha area, or in town visiting, and check it out.  You'll find lots to love I promise.

Have a fantastic week everyone!  It's hump day!

Monday, March 17, 2014

The State of the Workshop

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It might APPEAR that I have been idle for a whole stinkin' month, but I assure you that is not the case!  Things shift and grind and move around and get painted and delivered and more brought in.  My world goes round and round!  Here's proof!
The Mr.'s gift of a heater out here has kept me purring right along throughout the frigid Winter.  I need to show you a photo of the mondo heater sometime.  It looks like a giant oven coil.  Should I worry?

Anyway, here are a couple of custom finishes from the past month.
This is a huge table top with a couple of prayers stenciled on.  We were not going to be able to recover the stained finish so my client wanted a sage green (ASCP Chateau Gray) top with two of their favorite family meal time prayers.  What a cool idea!  The base is black and it looks fabulous again now.

I also have worked on, and am finishing up 7 pieces that I call PAX.  That's because I started to work over all these pieces when Winter Storm Pax was making his way across the country and leaving another polar vortex in his wake.  Thanks Pax...
These cottage styled 1940-1950's pieces had spent many, many years in a storage building in Florida heat and humidity.  So there were many little things to repair and re glue.  This is piece #5.  All will be painted in ASCP Pure White with very little distressing.  Nice and clean for a new season in their life.  I just love making the old tired pieces look fresh again!  Still working on a bed with a lot of repair work and a mirror that was almost forgotten.

And because the pollen is flying and evidently I should be better about masking up when I sand down furniture tops, I have another sinus infection that is making it hard to get much done.  New meds should be just the trick and I'll be back to my old self soon!  Watch for a couple more reveals this week.  I might even get back into the swing of blogging again.

Have a beautiful week!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sochi Dresser

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Hello friends.  Would you believe me if I said it has just been too cold to write blog posts?  Well, it has been.  Or at least to get photos that would go with the blog posts.  But I am back at it today thank heavens and the sun is shining and we are supposed to get above freezing temps with little to no wind (thank the Good Lord above!).  I'm officially turning into a total wimp.

Anyway, I have been enjoying some Winter Olympics and so this dresser had to be named Sochi.  Not to mention that it is 60 something degrees in Sochi and I am extremely jealous of that.  This dresser had such beautiful bones and details and lots of little rough patches in between.  Some veneer damage, some trim damage, some bad paint and glaze jobs, but sound dovetailed drawers, and pretty darn clean.  The Mr. found this one and brought it home and he is extremely proud of how it turned out.  He's so cute!

Sochi is tall, and has 6 nice drawers, some of which have nice dividers built in.
Unfortunately it was too cold to get out in the sun for the photos so they are workshop background and fluorescent lighting.  I can not figure out how to get a decent photo in this lighting so I apologize for the weird yellow effect that I tried to edit out.  I didn't want to lose the color though, and this beauty has some serious ASCP Provence going on.  Underneath are layers of Florence and Versailles too!
I also dry brushed on some Old White and used both light and dark waxes for some effect.
Because of the nicks of time, and the bad paint jobs I deliberately layered my paint up with brush strokes willy nilly and a bit heavier in spots.  Might as well use the natural layers of age to create a piece that, while refreshed, still shows the patina of a piece that has been around for a long while.
I deliberately went with 2 different styles of hardware because I thought this piece could use a bit of whimsy.  Aren't these flowered knobs so pretty?!  Here's some of that great detailing.

Here's some more of that detailing.  So delicate and pretty, and I love that the flower in the medallion mimics the flower in the lower knobs.  It reminds me the medallions you would see in the old palaces.
Sochi is such a pretty girl I think.  (Even with the evil yellow tones)  Eventually she'll make her way to NJ & Co. where I consign some furniture.  In the meantime I have much to keep me busy as 6 nice pieces were brought to me by a customer to have restyled.  I'm leaving color behind to move to Pure White for a time.  I'll post some photos when I can!

Stay warm and with all the snows back East again, stay safe!!!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In Search of Teal

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Do you get a particular color in your head for a piece and you just can't let it go?  Good to know.  That's the way I sometimes rock and roll too.  When I first purchase this particular dresser I just knew it needed a deep rich color and I kept picturing it in a dark teal.  I found it on lots of paint decks by many different companies, but I really wanted the ease of one of the natural clay or chalk based paints.  So I mixed my own.  Yes, I did.  I consulted with our local Annie Sloan stockist to see if she knew of any recipes for teal.  After playing around a bit with her paints I knew I could do this and by the time she called me back to confirm that we were on the right track I had already mixed up a batch in a shade that made me happy.  I will say that shortly after that I saw where American Paint Company  had a new color "Peacock" that is would have worked, though my color has a bit more of a green base than theirs I think.  (And yes, I have used American Paint Company paints and I do really like them.  We just don't have a local stockiest yet, so I have to order them.)

I looked for the before photo, which I know I took, but have yet to find it.  Picture a brown on brown , tired, worn out looking mid-century modern dresser with some fantastic original hardware that was almost beyond tarnished.  Here is what she looks like today.

And I'm sorry for the poor photos, that were taken in the workshop because it was some Arctic Vortex kind of day…again.  I have a horrible time with lighting in there, most likely due to the 30 florescent lights my helpful Mr. installed to make it nice and bright!  Love him!

Isn't that hardware with it's new shiny finish lovely on this piece?  I love shiny things.  Those intertwined circles are just the bomb!

Here is the close up.  The color turned out exactly as I had dreamed it would, and I hope it will make someone supremely happy with its 8 spacious drawers and newly refinished stained top.  

Hope you are having a wonderful and warm week friends!  
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Thursday, January 2, 2014


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Happy New Year friends!!  We're winging our way into 2014 full of hope and promise!  Hope you and yours have a joyous and prosperous New Year!

I feel like I haven't been able to truly warm up here since sometime in mid November.  Brrr!  It definitely has me longing for the days when we lived in Hawaii.  As frequently happens to me, I tend to paint in waves of colors that speak to my 'moments'.  That's not weird or anything is it?  Right now I'm thinking of all things frosty.  Perhaps even the new movie Frozen.  And since I want to start my New Year off right here is a reveal just for you!  This pretty little vintage Chest on Chest Dresser was purchased from a client when she decided she no longer needed it.  Other than some veneer chips it was in excellent condition.  
I mixed the palest of blues with some Old White and Duck Egg.  I love those feet!
Using only the Old White and Duck Egg I tried to give the illusion of a line of trees covered in a soft layer of snow.  I am not a fine artist by any stretch of any one's imagination, but I thought it worked out well in that lovely oval frame.  
New glass bubbly hardware only adds more of that frothy frosty feeling.  
On the upper drawers I found some cute silver metal knobs put opted to paint them with the Old White to repeat the snowy look.
I wish I had some better lighting to do this piece some justice, but it's just too cold to open up the workshop doors for a good photo.  And darn it, wouldn't you know we have a nice little coating of snow for a backdrop!
So tell me what you think of "Frozen", and I hope you are staying warm wherever you are!

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