Sunday, May 29, 2016

May updates

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I'm gone, then back, then gone, then back...  I find it harder and harder to keep up with all the social media sites like I should.  If I do what I should to promote my business I don't find enough time to do my business.  Then there's the needed improvements I SHOULD make to staging my finished pieces. The improvements I SHOULD make to my photography skills.  The improvements I SHOULD make to the blog.  (The blog I ignore too often.)  The list goes on and on and I'm a one woman operation, with an occasional assist from the Mr. and one or two of the minions.  I've toyed with closing down the blog and just concentrating on FB, Pinterest, and Instagram.  What to do, what to do?  So if it goes quiet here check the FB and Pinterest button on the blog for a link.  You can also look me up on FB, Pinterest, and IG as "Twice Nice Furniture and Home Decor and/or Twice Nice Furniture & Home Decor".  Or for that matter, even when it is not quiet here check in on me there.  I promise I am  much more prolific over there right now.

But I am here today and will update some recent finishes for you to see that I am still in business!

These sweet little pieces were just a plain golden oak when I began.  Very 80's, if you know what I mean.
I painted her in a nice Taupe brown called 'Mocha' by Heirloom Traditions Paint.  To add some depth I based it in 'Barkcloth' a Vintiques color by Heirloom Traditions Paint.  Richened it up a bit I think!
The drawer fronts are covered with some pretty paper napkins I found and used our Heirloom Traditions product '1 Gel' to decoupage and seal.  Easy peasy, you just separate the printed sheet from the 1 or 2 layers of white tissue sheets, then gently lay it over a nice thin layer of 1 Gel.  I should do a quick video for you soon!

I kept this hardware because a.) it was a good, heavy quality handle  b.) the color blended nicely with the golds in the tissue.  and c.) because brass is coming back baby!

Classic meets a bit of bold on these pieces and I do hope someone will love them as much as I do!


Because I am so bad about posting here regularly I will give you a twofer reveal tonight!

This was a combined effort by myself and my right hand man the Mr.  I had a tray that belonged in a trunk that I sold minus the tray because I couldn't find it at the time, and that's rather embarrassing to admit.  But sometimes stuff happens right?
Anyway, the tray was fun and rustic and just required some fun little dry brushing to spiff it up a bit.  Fun colors huh?  Naval and Shabby Gray on these 2 sides, A La Mode inside the tray (Heirloom Traditions Paint)
Some Luau Green on this end.  (FUN color)

Some Copper Piping attached and you have a unique side table, sofa table, or entry table.  Super cute, somewhat industrial looking and very functional!  BOOM!  The Mr. and I make a pretty good team.  Next time I will have to show you some of his 'lighting solutions'.  He's so cute and talented!

Just to let you know I update a long ago post Gaga Sighting to include the plans and list of products we used to create ours.  It is a very popular post for those looking to create their own Gaga Pit, and we get many requests for our building plan.  There are many ways to go about this and we researched online and made our own up.  We are happy to share our thought process, but make no claims to being engineers or that this is an exact measurement of the original Gaga Pits.  It works for us and we are simple DIYer's happy to share with you so that you can create your own backyard fun!  Enjoy!

Have a creative week!  And Happy Memorial Day where we Celebrate and Honor those who serve and sacrifice for Our Country so that we can live Free.  Never forget


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