Monday, February 22, 2016

Introducing some New Products

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One of the reasons I am so pleased to have found Heirloom Traditions Paint Company is their forward thinking.  They are always looking to be ahead of the game in formulating new products that our customers who create want and need.  I honestly don't know when they sleep they are always working on not only products, but focused on making it easier for their retailers to best reach out.
So before I forget, I would like to remind you that you can not only get 10% off your online orders by using my coupon code:  TWICENICE every time you order, but for a limited time you will receive a free paint brush (value, $39) if your order is over $75! Sweet deal!

My booth has been totally restocked and I've not only brought in newly released products but also 2 new colors that have been custom created by either another retailer or one of our product ambassadors.  Many of those colors are not on the normal color charts, but are available online for you to purchase and available with retailers who choose to add them to their stores.  

First up, a Drop Dead Gorgeous Blue by Lori of Thee Velvet Glove, Graceland Blue.

I absolutely can not wait to try this color out!  And yes, she said her inspiration for this color came from the Velvet Curtains at Elvis' Graceland.  Isn't it stunning?

Next, fellow retailer Susan, from Extending Grace, has created a must have in your stash color called Olive You.
Not only is Susan a gifted painter, but she definitely has an eye for colors that will appeal to all of us. I just love this chest!

I also added these newer products to my booth to help serve my customers better, and I am very excited about them.

These are our new Metallic Top Coats.  Metallic Masters Top Coats add sheer metallics that still allow your paint color to show through.  You might remember that I used them on my little black side tables.

I mottled mine intentionally, but it is just as gorgeous in a smooth brushed on finish.  It is formulated to go over fully cured wax surfaces for added durability.  I am stocked in these colors:  Champagne Shimmer, Copper Penny, and Tarnished Silver.  

Finally, let me show you something that is truly a game changer!  Re-Luv.  Re-Luv is formulated to help you recolor your worn leather furniture, but it would also work on your leather briefcase, leather purse, or that leather pad on your desk.  Endless possibilities!  Here is an example by my friend Julia of Shangri~La Lane
Isn't that amazing?!  You can bet I am looking for a piece of leather furniture to try this out!
It comes in 3 colors now, Mahogany, Ebony, and Chestnut.  I am stocked in Chestnut, but will be ordering more colors soon.  I believe they also plan to develop a lighter color at a later date.
I think this will be a great addition to our already wonderful line of products.  I invite you to go to to watch the video tutorials on any and all of these great products!
Of course I also invite you to contact me with questions too!

Have a fantastic and creative week friends!


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