Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Ladie's Night Out at NJ & Co.

Hey folks around Omaha!  NJ and Co., where I have a booth, is hosting their first "Ladie's Night Out" with lots of goodies and treats on Thursday, Sept. 6th.  The store will be ready for some happy hour time and staying open late until 8 P.M.  I know that I moved some fresh pieces over to the store last weekend for you to see.  The rest of the vendors have been receiving new merchandise almost daily so it is always new and fresh for you.  Come join us for some fun and food!

Here are a few of my pieces that you will find currently at the store.

They are always prettier in person! :-)

Have a super week!


  1. Oh that sounds like fun! Hope it's a big success!

  2. good luck! i am in love with that dresser with the swirly flower!

  3. just so you know I'm in desperate need of a girls night!! wish I was there!! OH and love that blue piece with a flower!! LOVE

  4. I'll give you 3 guesses, but you'll only need one, as to where I'll be 2morrow night. Wish I could be there....hope it's a great success!!!


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