Monday, May 19, 2014

The Little Table that could

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This little table was just a sad, wobbly gal with pretty legs when my friend Tammy spotted her for me.  Tammy has a good eye for potential though!  I've searched for her before photo but must have missed this one.

When all my new American Paint colors arrived I new right away what I wanted to try out on her.
Desert Cactus over Waistcoat.  Desert Cactus is a gorgeous rich khaki color, and Waistcoat is a beautiful saturated Chartreuse Green color.  So delicious with a bit of a kick!
I wet distressed just enough to let some of the Waistcoat peek through and even a bit of the original wood tones show up.
Some day I'm going to showcase Waistcoat as my primary color because I absolutely love it!
As a nice little surprise I painted the inside of the drawer and did not top coat with Desert Cactus.  I love the little jolt you get when you open the drawer.  That new knob reads amber to me, but photographs more plum like.  Either way I think it is the perfect knob for this piece.
Once those legs were tightened up, and a few rough spots patched this fun little table painted up beautifully.  Dark, antiquing wax, really richness up the colors, and it buffed like a dream.  I love American Paint Company and their products!

Have a great week!  Deb

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