Thursday, May 1, 2014

Custom finishes

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For the past couple of years custom finishes has become a huge part of my business.  Mostly I love it, since my customers/clients are wonderful people who seem to truly appreciate and love what I do.  Sometimes I miss just being able to 'let it fly' like I do with my own pieces, but their seems to be a season and a place for both kinds of work.

Here are a couple of recent client finishes and these are a bad cell phone photo and workshop photos so not great at all, but I don't want you to forget me while I work through these pieces so that's what you get right now.
This is the base for a large Hutch that I recently finished.  I did not take photos of it together because the top has been modified and putting it together needs to be done in a permanent fashion in order to make it secure.  Hard to explain, but trust me.  Hopefully this client will take a photo of it when it is installed in her new home.  She's converting a barn into her still my heart!
It is an amazing piece with these lovely wire fronted doors.
2 tones and some distressing for it's new update.  Hardware sprayed and sealed to finish the update.

Lovely piece for a lovely client!  Can't wait until she sees it in person.

Here's the bad cell photo on delivery day.
A multi-layered piece much like 'Sochi' for another lovely client's guest room dresser.  This baby is sturdy and newly stylish as it was a very tired scratched up old brown.  The photo does not do it justice at all which is a shame.  Maybe Diane will send us a better photo some time.

Another custom chair got away with no photo.  Never fear though, the rest of the set will be coming to me in Mid-June for their makeover and I'll try and get some photos of those!

Have a great week!

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