Monday, April 21, 2014

Hobby spotlight

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I don't talk about all the other interests I have much because my business has kept me so busy lately that I just don't have time to do much anymore.  I hope to get things settled down one of these days and be able to devote a little bit more to the "me" time activities again.  Ha!

My Mother got me started with primitive rug hooking when I moved back to Nebraska in 2004.  It involves using a hook to pull strips of wool, anywhere from 1/2 to spaghetti thin inch wool strips, through a a piece of loosely woven linen.  I typically buy my linen with the patterns designed by one of the many, many talented individuals out there, but occasionally I have been challenged to design and draw my own to hook.

This particular piece was from a Rug Hooking Retreat in 2013, and finished by me last winter.  The design is by Cammie Bruce and the rug is called "Spot the Horse".

This rug is mainly 1/4 inch or #8 cut wool strips.  There are a few narrower or #6 cuts in there to make it all fit well.  The original piece that Cammie hooked was done with a light background and a dark colored horse.  I wanted a dappled mare, so Cammie and Janice Lee, owner of The Rug Hooking Store in Valley Nebraska and hostess/organizer of the Rug Retreat, found me the perfect colors to make my pony dappled gray.
Here's a little close up of her pretty little spots.

I love how the spots on the horse are mimicked in the background.
Sometimes I use close up photography like this to see how my colors are blending.  It is much easier to spot in a photo than it is with the naked eye at times.  See that really light piece in the leaf on the upper left  side.  I will need to take another look at it to see if it makes sense to leave it as a hi-light or if I should take it down a bit so it doesn't stand out so much.

So there you have it, another little piece of me.  I find that I am much happier when I have artistic pursuits in all their different forms.  I like to paint, I like to rug hook, I occasionally sew and stitch, and I used to dabble in stained glass.   Each one brings me much joy and keeps my hands busy.  I'm not very good at just sitting still with nothing in my hands!

How about you?  What hidden talents or other pursuits do you have?

Wishing you Sunshine this week!

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  1. Oh! So pretty! Love, love. Don't think I had seen this completed. I was just thinking about your snowman yesterday. We should get together and do a little rug hooking one of these days!


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