Sunday, March 10, 2013

Go Big Red!

In my neck of the woods you could be in a group anywhere and yell, "Go Big Red (dragging out each word)" and immediately someone from nearby would return the cheer.  We love our Cornhuskers out here.  It should be no surprise then that red is a favorite color in decorating.  I loved having the chance to paint something red.  It's one of my favorite colors, and this piece was perfect for it.

A customer/client that purchased the nail head buffet several months ago contacted me to see if I had anything mid-century modern in black, gray, or red.  At the time I had a couple of possible candidates in my hoard /stash.   She opted to wait and sure enough one day when I was thrifting the clouds parted, the angels sang and there was her piece just waiting for paint.

A few dings, and scuffs and what looked like a "puppy corner".  You know where that darn adorable puppy you just got insists on cutting it's puppy teeth on the corner of all your furniture.  Best of all, the inside was really clean and SMOKE FREE!  I hate it when smoke ruins (practically) a nice piece of furniture.  I did end up needing to refinish the top completely, took care of "puppy corner" and gave it the coat of paint as requested.  Look how fun this turned out!
To match her existing home hardware we resprayed the original fun, square pulls with a satin silver and gave it a silver pedi to match.
Once sanded the scratches and water rings disappeared and stain and antique oil had the finish looking and feeling fabulous again.
The paint is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Husker Red Emperor's Silk, finished in AS Clear Wax only for a nice bright saturated finish. The stain is Minwax Jacobean, topped with Minwax Antique Oil for a satin, hand-rubbed finish.  

I think this will make a gorgeous buffet/side board/console table in her family room!  What a fun piece this was.  I just love furniture!!!

Great blessings to you all this week!
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  1. what a fun piece! i love statement pieces like this- the red is awesome!

  2. More mid-century modern - awesome in red - I love it!

  3. It is VERY pretty, I am sure your client will just love it! - Susan

  4. Deb this is AMAZING!! what's funny is I opened it in my browser and saw the picture and gasped!! then directly above the pictue I read "the clouds parted and the angels sang" haha. That totally happened for me at first glance of the picture!!

  5. What a fun piece. I've been collecting mcm pieces over the past couple of months and have been so enjoying them. Your piece is way cool. I love the red and the feet, not to mention the top!

  6. Such a pretty color & on this piece it just makes it look regal. Love the silver hardware to boot! Beautiful job!

  7. Love it!! The red looks gorgeous with the wood top! Love the hardware too!!


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