Thursday, April 12, 2012

...I see France

I found this beautiful dresser several weeks ago.  All the beautiful details jumped out at me from the CL ad and I knew I would have to gather one of my helpers and go snag it before anyone else could.  I thought I had a before pic somewhere, but I can't seem to locate it right now.  Running through paint options I quickly landed on Arles, another gorgeous AS chalk paint.  Here are the results.
Remember, workshop pictures are part of the deal right now during crunch judging me on the piles in the background!  Look, large crosses, Greek key details on the top, pretty feet, framed inset drawers on the bottom, Chest on chest, just a pretty, pretty practical dresser with lots of space.
I love those crosses on the front.  It seemed appropriate to be working on this during Lent.
This piece is not overly feminine.  Just a great classic.  I waxed only in clear even though my initial intention was to use dark also.  What do you think?  Add dark?
Oh, I wish I had a close up of the Greek key carving on the top.  In May I'll start working on my photography again! 

Get out and enjoy something pretty and springy!
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  1. ooh i love it! that color is amazing on that dresser. i love the shape- wha a great piece!

  2. Oh man I love that color!! I want it!
    As far as the glaze I think you could go either way on this piece but I really love it with this strong yellow(ish) color. It's just mellowed out enough that it is bold but not overpowering. I really sound like I know some stuff don't I...Haha!! Don't even get me started on how the hardware color compliments it...whew!

  3. It is a classic, but you gave it a fresh look with that great color! I love it! I really love it!

  4. Love the Arles color on this piece. The wood top is gorgeous with the arles. Very classy piece.
    Anne Dees

  5. ha! i just pulled out my can of arles today and hemmed and hawed over it. thanks for showing me how good it can look! way to go!

  6. It is amazing how paint can give a piece new life - even a beautiful piece like this one! I love the color!

  7. Oh so pretty! Love it! I would have never thought that color would work, but it's lovely!

  8. I have to say that this is one of my favorites that you've done. I love Arles - did you use it full strength? From the picture, it looks like you may have added old white. ? Whatever you did, it is beautiful. I would not add dark wax. I think it would look nice, but why mess with perfection?!

    1. I am also interested to know what combination of old white (if used) and arles you used. :)

  9. Great piece! What color is the stained top?


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