Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Real Life

When I started this blog I was pretty convinced I only wanted it to be about the new business venture I was beginning.  But you know that saying, "It takes a village..."  It has become increasingly apparent to me that I am not alone on this journey.  Well, I mean I KNEW that, but I bet other readers wondered why I seemed to be an island out here floating about painting furniture and other things that don't move fast enough.  It's really about time that I introduce you to more of the Twice Nice team.  I think I'll probably open up the blog to more family and personal posts from time to time.  After all, this little group of mine influences all I do really!  Shhhhh, don't tell them they have that much power!

The Spring here in Nebraska has been glorious.  I mean just super, super gorgeous.  We'll worry about the shoe dropping in July OK?!  I have been able to get out in the workshop so much earlier this year and have been able to really amp up production.  Much of my recent work has been custom work, a few more new pieces for the Spring Market (see the button above for details), and some new pieces for a new opportunity (details to follow soon).  Sometimes it's overwhelming and I just spin around not sure what I should do first, but it's always fun.  It's also fun to just stop the work and spend a day with my family!  That's what we did on Sunday after church.  Here's a slice of that afternoon and some introductions.

Part of what drove our day was the Church's Sr. High Youth Groups participation at Camp Fontenelle's Gaga Ball Tournament.  Not familiar with Gaga Ball, well until recently neither were we, but it is apparently quite addicting if these kids are any indication. 
Meet Michaela, my oldest daughter at almost 16.  She and 9 of her other youth group members gathered in the gaga pit and got ready to do battle with another church group.  Basically it seems like Dodge Ball in a contained area where the only fair shots are the knees and below.  You evidently are allowed to block the "attacks" on your legs with your hands.  Michaela demurred, but most of the kids put on army face paint, and they actually have strategies and something called "The Diesel" they are working on perfecting.  The other kids call Michaela "Ninja".  I'm assuming it's because she is very quick and avoids being taken out until the end a lot of time, but it's also possible they know she is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

While we were at Camp for the Gaga Tournament, there was plenty else around for everyone.  Sand Volleyball, Laser Tag, a Jumping Pillow, Easter Egg dyeing and hunting, and live bunnies to play with.  We avoided the latter as they had babies ready to be adopted!  Ellarie, my youngest 6 year old daughter opted to climb a tree.
Here she is all harnessed up and getting her instructions on how to use the rope system to propel herself up to the branch above.
Here she is chilling out after having worked her way up off the ground.  Ellie is much braver than I would have been at her age!!
Ellarie is also much more determined than me.  She's willing to climb up 20 feet into a tree to retrieve an Easter egg hanging off the branch.  She did it!! 

Our middle child Madison, 14, was with us at camp, and off enjoying many of the activities with the Sr. High kids for the afternoon.  But here is her big moment.
We spent last night at the Middle School where they were holding the annual People of the Past Night, POP.  Madison researched Christa McAullife and, in a setting resembling characters coming to life in a wax museum, presented her life in a short speech every time someone dropped money in her can.  It's a fund raiser for the local volunteer fire department and a great way for the kids to work on public speaking as well as research and writing a comprehensive report.  She was fabulous and we couldn't be more proud. 

I have 3 young ladies, all growing up way too quickly.  All doing great things and staying healthy in mind, body, and spirit!  They are 3 of my biggest cheerleaders and even put up with the occasional, "Oh crap, I forgot to stop and make dinner, but would you look at this dresser!", moments.  I LOVE them, and I am so blessed to be their Mom!

Hope to have a new reveal or two for you later this week! 


  1. i love getting to know you more! and look at your beautiful daughters! they seem like they all have really good heads on their shoulders. :)

  2. Well HELLO ladies! I love your mom and all the wonderful things she does so don't give her a hard time when she slowly starts turning your rooms into her works of art okay. It's very nice to meet all!! :)


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