Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Digging Out

Here I am!  I'm slowly digging my way out/through a growing pile of goodies that need some love out in the workshop.  Slowly but surely I'm moving my base of operation back out to the garage.  I think I'll be able to spin things up a notch here really soon.  Which is good news right?!

I have also been busy on a couple of custom orders so I'll try to reveal those if I can very soon.  But today I do have a lovely hutch to show you.  No "before" pic, but this is nothing most of you haven't seen before.
A nice 1960's era Maple hutch in a nice medium brown finish.  Remember?  Well, you're going to have to cause I completely forgot to take a before shot.  Let me say, it was in pristine condition, which is a joy to work on after several pieces in rather shakey shape!

I used this hutch to try out the Benjamin Moore Aura paint I know Cassie at Primitive & Proper uses.  It is wonderful, wonderful paint, though there was a re-learning curve after so many months of Chalk Paint use!  The color on the outside is Wedgewood Gray, I dearly love this color.  A little bit blue, a little bit gray, and all good!

Look at the pretty, delicate knobs I found to use on the top.  Do you detect the interior color?  Hmmm.
Yes, this is BM's "Harvest Moon" color.  It doesn't seem to read quite this bright to me in person, or maybe it's just the bright sun kicking it up a notch!  But I love the colors together.  I love the little bit of excitement and fun it adds to this hutch.  I think these two colors play nicely together. What do you think?
The knobs on the bottom of the hutch make my heart go pitter pat.  Wanna see them up close?
Gorgeous little baby isn't it?!  These were a great find from Hobby Lobby.  Man I love that they carry so many fun hardware pieces these days.
So here is another shot of the pretty little 2 piece hutch.  And I'm off to work on something new!  I really need to work on some blogging know like posting once in a while.  So when I'm in the middle of lots of little "fires" I might just have to post something other than furniture!  Any good ideas on what I should chat about?  As long as I'm not just sitting here talking to myself!

Have a great rest of the week!

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  1. i LOVE it! of course that is my absolute fave ben moore color. :) and you know this piece would fir perfectly in my living room... my gray bookcases are backed with orange and my coffee tables are wedgewood gray!

  2. ps- you can blog about anything your heart desires! i would like to get to know the YOU behind the blog more. :)

  3. Pretty color combination! I am so loving orange right now. It really works with lots of other colors and it just looks so fresh and clean! I know what you mean about the blogging part. I have other things I want to share, but I barely have time to post a furniture project or two a week. There just aren't enough hours in the day! But you know that I'd be happy to read whatever you want to write about. You won't be talking to yourself, I promise!

  4. This is beautiful!! I love the colors together but that orange inside...makes my heart skip a beat!!

  5. Gorgeous, Deb! Love that color and I'm writing it down. Love the knobs, too. I always stop to look at them when I'm at Hobby Lobby but I need 12 and they always seem to be at least 2 short!

  6. Deb - Love how it turned out! You go girl!!!

  7. Just Lovely!! My dining room and kitchen are painted in a Ben Moore orange...I can't rember which one...but I LOVE it!! I pinned this to my awesome furniture board...Nice Job!!!



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