Monday, March 5, 2012

Double the Fun

Do you know how many "double" title ideas I went through?  A bunch I tell you, but for some reason I kept coming up with a way that they could have been taken wrong and I don't want THAT kind of traffic coming to my blog expecting something very different!  This is what I do have, two side tables, finished. 
I stumbled across a set of side tables and a matching coffee table.  The coffee table is still in process, but I thought I'd show you these cottagey cuties.

These are solid oak and have a certain rustic feel with the paneled type top.  Actually I first thought "Beachy", but let's face reality here.  I live in a totally land locked state smack dab in the center of the country.  And while we do have some lakes and lake houses (lucky ducks!), there just isn't normally much demand for true beach themed furniture.  Sad, but true.  However, we do have cottages, and decorated with a cottage theme is definitely here too.  Voila`, a nice rustic side table with a french graphic in the center.
At 26 inches diameter these are a perfect lamp table, but would also work nicely in a bedroom as a nightstand, or even in the center of an entry hall as a drop zone table.  They ar painted in AS Old White, lightly distressed, and the graphic is a lovely bee with an oak and tulip garland wrapped up nicely with a bow. 
Graphics from The Graphic Fairy, and the pattern was applied with the pencil transfer method and then finished with a permanent fine, .05 and .01, marker.  One thing I would always recommend is to test ahead of time your marker on a scrap piece of painted wood to make sure that it will not smear when you are applying whatever finish you desire.  I found that my paint pens smeared, a sharpie did not and my Perma pens did not, but always, always test yours first independent of my tests.  I applied 3 coats of Minwax furniture paste wax to the top and the rest of the table was also given 2 coats. 
If you look closely you can see that the oak grain definitely shows through on these tables.  I'm totally down with that.  I think it gives it a great deal of character.  I should have the coffee table up for a quick post later in the week, and then I'm off to find something I can use some color on!!  I'm feeling the need for a break from the neutrals for a bit. 

Have a super week!
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  1. Title post name: "A Set Of Two" LOL "A Pair of 'Em" LOL .... I'll stop. ;)

    They are lovely lovely. Did you change your blog background too since I've been away???? Why do I think that????

    So glad to be back!!! :)

  2. these are hip to bee squared. ;) how's that for a double title! they look awesome- i love the paneled tops!

  3. Love 'em, Deb! What a nice pair; I love the color and the graphic you went with.

  4. Love these tables!The bees are the perfect touch, Ballards has nothing on you girl!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. I love your stuff..You have a lovely eye for finding a repurposed potential in these pieces of furniture! I wanted to give you a little award, to aknowledge your talent, and maybe open others' eyes to it! Check out my newest post @Kreative Knack


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