Monday, April 9, 2012

Officially joining the club

Advance warning:  There are going to be lots of ugly photos here.  No pretty styling, nope, nada.  Just blood, sweat, tears, dust, stain, and plenty of beforeish types of photos.  Why?  Well, I've decided that I must officially join the furniture hoarders club of wherever it all started.  Yup, I'm a hot mess over here. 
It's good stuff, oh yeah, good.  My kind of furniture, waiting for some love and attention.  Maybe a little bling.  You never know.  It's why I've been a very bad blogger lately. 
This hits you the minute you walk into the workshop.  The shrouded...projects completed.
That's a good thing.  Those finished projects are still surrounded by plenty more to work on though.
See this?...
The tip of the iceberg.  My Titanic.  My head is spinning with ideas, colors, finishes, pricing...
So, I'm working, working, working, and being a Mom and a wife, and I'm sorry the blog has been neglected.  I'm promising more finishes soon, the photos may not be pretty because I just don't have much time to move things around for a good photo shoot before I have to move on to the next project.
The show must go on!  The Prairie Market sale is just around the corner!! 
Here are some fast pics of smalls finished for the sale.  To tease you into wanting to stop by and see more on April 28th!
Many more bowls, and silver leafing, and vintage finds.
Fun finds like Lazy Susan's,
and woodland critters,

and beds for princess pets.

There is work in progress...
and more waiting to roll. 

Yup, I proudly wear the badge of the Furniture Hoarders Club. I have the blisters on my palms, and I shop not knowing that I have paint in my hair and usually on my elbow.  Man I love what I get to do!
I can't wait to show you more!



  1. To some of us out here, your room is like eye candy...well it is to me anyway :) !!

  2. i am with rita- total eye candy! and love the critters! :)

  3. Looks exactly like my front porch. Glad to know there are other out there.

  4. Deb - You make me smile :) Can't wait to see the finished products! Suzanne


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