Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It's all about that Prom, bout that Prom

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It's finally Spring, and if you have a high schooler you know that means.  It's Prom time!!  Dresses, and shoes, and up do's, and flowers, and, and, and.  Oiy!

It's all fun and fun to see them all dressed up and acting all grown up.  How that happens when they were just toddling about a few years ago is beyond me, but there you have it.

This year, the school is not holding a dinner.  Rather than go out, my daughter and her friends decided that we would host a dinner and they would all chip in with sides and desserts.  I actually think that is a very smart idea.  And it gave me an opportunity to diy some spring decor for the dinner.  Here is one of the projects that has been sitting on my pinterest board for a long time.

I picked up some Ball canning jars and game them a couple of quick coats of paint to make flower vases for the tables.  HL even sells the flower frog lids for them!  These are several of the DIY Paint line colors (L to R, Old '57, Queen Bee, Petticoat Pink, Mint Chip, Prom Dress, Fancy Farm Girl, Cowgirl Coral).  It works great on glass!  I wet distressed, sealed with the Crystal Clear Patina, and had some fun decorating them with some clearance jewelry pieces I had picked up, jute and burlap ribbon.

Remember the 'A-Team'?  "I just love it when a plan comes together".  Yeah, that feeling!

What are you working on this Spring?  Check out the class schedule for April in the bar at the top of the page!

Have a super, springy week!


  1. i love that idea, and so fun that you get to be creative for it!

  2. Oh pretty! Love the colors and the added bling! ... Dinner at home is a great idea!


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