Friday, April 17, 2015

What lies beneath...

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A fellow DIY Paints retailer, Josi shared a wonderful technique she uses sometimes and encourage us to give it a try.  Let me tell you people, I couldn't find a piece to demo it on fast enough.  I LOVE this!  See the all caps?  I really do love this look.  It is a stencil technique, but the unique thing is how you hide it.  So it is like a peek-a-boo stencil.  Here is the close up of my first attempt.
How fun is this?  The base color for my dresser is DIY Paints, Hillbilly Blue.  I used various metallic paints I had on hand to stencil the drawer fronts once the base color dried.

Once the stencil was dried I applied my top color, in this case DIY Paints Gravel Road., a lovely pale gray.  Then I simply wet distressed back to reveal my stencil.  Tip #1, if you don't want any of your original wood to show then seal the freshly stenciled piece with liquid patina prior to painting your top coat.  Tip #2, if you are planning to distress back a lot don't worry about completely covering with your final paint coat.
Here's the finished piece.  Have a super weekend!!

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  1. That is so unique and beautiful. Love Love all of the layering.
    And anything blue, gray, and white is just my style!
    Thanks for sharing,


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