Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Number 1, Number 1!

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For someone who doesn't even like math I seem to have a thing about putting numbers on furniture.
I believe this might be my 3rd or 4th piece where I used numbers to freshen up a flat, dull, beat up piece of furniture.  This classic, simple buffet came with doors falling off, missing veneers and stains.  Don't they all these days?

I used American Paint Company Paints on this one.  Leather Boots is a nice medium brown was my base coat.  After applying the vinyl numbers I followed up with a couple of light coats in Peacock.  It is definitely one of my favorite blues.
I kept it random and in places the original wood showed through on the numbers.  I heavily distressed this piece as I kind of liked the almost faded denim look of the peacock.  Now it reminds me of my girls ripped up jeans.
The original hardware was chunky and fun so I simply cleaned it well, resealed it, and put them back on.  This reminds me the button on an old pair of jeans!
The entire piece has been finished with two coats of Hard Coat our most durable finish product.  I think this would be a great bar piece or Big Screen console.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. How fun! And I agree Deb, this would make a perfect media cabinet!

  2. it's good for learning good for fun here and a perfect media cabinet


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