Monday, August 11, 2014

Custom Colors/Custom Work

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Happy Monday all!  I have had a busy weekend and first couple of weeks of August.  Thanks for all the prayers you sent for our Ellie.  She is doing well with her recovery and we thank God for that!

I was able to complete the sweetest little drop leaf table and 2 old oak chairs last week.  Thanks to the Mr. we were able to re-glue the top and rebuild the frame for the table.  It was such a clever design.  That's what I love about Vintage pieces that you just don't see with the mass manufactured.  The table top was stained and the base and chairs were painted in Home Plate.  You are probably noticing that I am just rambling on describing this to you instead of flashing lovely photos up.  That is because it went straight from the workshop into the van for delivery instead of out for a quick photo shoot first.  Imagine that, I do seem to do that with custom work more often than not!  Maybe Kelly will see this and shoot me a photo to insert in here at some point.  Trust me it looked fabulous in her new kitchen!

Never fear though, I will show you one more that I was able to finish last week and since I still own it there are photos!

This is my all time favorite style of dresser.  You might notice that it lost it's doors somewhere along the way.  No worries, I actually like it better without them!  This is a custom color, Liberty mixed with Surfboard.  I saw this on another American Paint Company retailers dresser and wanted to try it myself.

It makes for a lovely blue green or green blue depending on your paint to paint ratio's.  And I have to say that APC's paints blend so well together and make it easy to expand your color options by combining paints!
With the absence of the doors I went ahead and painted the inside and outside of these drawers although they were in great shape.  That's pure Surfboard inside, though this photo is pretty color saturated and it's not quite that bright in real life in my opinion.

Look at the lovely hardware that this one came with!  I cleaned it up and slapped it right back on.  Too pretty not to use again.
This was a fun piece to work on. And since this photo shoot I got the very simple, pretty backboard put on and it will be ready to go for our Prairie Market Sale on October 3 & 4!  Hope to see you there!

Be good to each other this week!


  1. I especially love those top drawers too - no need for the doors! A really pretty piece with great hardware!

  2. And I'm so glad that Ellie is doing well!


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