Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

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Well, I must say coming up with titles in the middle of the night is not my superpower.

You know the Prairie Market Gals sale is coming up soon right?  I don't exactly get into a panic, but about this time every year I start looking around and thinking I better kick it into high gear if I'm going to get through the pile of 'want to do for the sale' pieces.  So, you'll either see a bunch of reveals flying at you, or radio silence.  Since I like reveals, that's what I'm going to try to do.

Here's a recent finish for you and she's a Grande Dame!  We found a beautiful heavy oak buffet recently with a tag that had an added "last chance" sticker.  Seriously, would they toss something this gorgeous in the landfill if it didn't sell fast enough?!  It makes me sad.  But fear not, she has a chance to be useful again!
Meet Liberty.  Catchy right since that is the color name for the paint I used?  I used American Paint Company paint in Liberty on this piece after my mother suggested a sagey green when I said something about painting her black.  I am ever an obedient child.

Liberty has oodles of personality and details.  Look at this drawer!  The hardware is the same as "the sorority dressers" and they were stamped by the manufacturer 1940's so I'm going to assume this one came from that same time period.  It has a Creston, IA stamp on the back.
This photo really caught the color well.  What do you think of the the color?  It is really in nice shape for a piece that was sitting on death row.
Oops, look what I found lurking in the flowers during the photo shoot.  It's a cute Lion!  She would correct me and say it's a FIERCE lion lurking in the flowers.  Rally Sunday at church, good times!
At any rate, I am happy to say that Liberty has many more years ahead of her.  She'll be at the Prairie Market sale.  October 3 & 4, see the button at the top of the page for more information.  Come say Hi in person!!

It's going to be a fabulous week!

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