Monday, August 25, 2014

I shall call her Pumpkin

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A fellow American Paint Company Retailer shared her 'recipe' for making a burnt orange color on our  Facebook page a week or two ago.  I mixed it up last week and brushed it on a dresser.  Tell me what you think of Pumpkin!
I'm rather smitten with her if I dare say so.  I think I am looking forward to those cool Fall nights and the crisp sunny days.  
It is a super rich saturate color!   It kind of made this very simple styled dresser special in my opinion.  Well that and those drawer pulls!
I mean, those are pretty special too, right?  Yes, they are, and I so love it when the original hardware can be kept with a piece.  This dresser, as many of these do, had a lot of texture in the old finish.  I suspect that storage in a hot garage or shed causes much of this.  I wet distressed and took advantage of it to give it a shabbied up look. 

Oh, and in case you are interested in creating your own Pumpkin piece.  You use APC's Orange Grove in a roughly 5:1to 6:1 ratio with Saddle.    It really depends on how light or dark you want it.  I just mixed enough to cover my piece without having to recreate it, but I promise that when I make it again I will let you know an exact measurement.  You can bet I'm looking for new pieces to use it on!

I have both Orange Grove and Saddle currently in stock at The Brass Armadillo in Omaha.  My booth is on Montana Avenue. Booth 208.  There is also a flyer about upcoming paint classes and tips for painting with Chalk/Clay based paints in the booth!  Stop by and check it out!!

Have a fabulous week!


  1. ooooh i love this!!!! the orange is lovely!

  2. Yes... I think she is pretty spectacular!!! I love the orange color!!! This is a color you do not see very often and I think it would fit with any color decor... LOVE! Blessings!

  3. Oh yum, I totally love that color! The pulls and distressing set it off nicely!


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