Friday, August 22, 2014

A little Boho

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Getting things photographed when you are working at warp speed presents a challenge, but I am super excited to show you this next piece.  I've been loving me some stencils lately.  I've also been having some fun mixing paints to make some new colors.
Meet the Bohemian Side Table which isn't quite this orange in person.  I think I amped up the saturation a bit in Pic Monkey.  Anyhoo, this is a sweet Thomasville side table that was worn out and needed some oomph!
I mixed some of American Paint Co.'s Orange Grove with A-Maize-Ing and a little bit of Shining Seas and a drop or two of Fireworks Red and ended up with a color I call Marigold.  It is bright and cheery without being neon.
My stencil color is a pretty Pumpkin mix another APC retailer came up with by mixing Orange Grove with a bit of Saddle.  Brilliant!  I had been wanting to mix a Pumpkin color and I love what she came up with.
Don't you think the stencil and color gives this piece a definite Bohemian vibe!  I love it and wish I could talk one of my kids into a Boho Inspired room!  Maybe one of you will need this for yours?

Have a great weekend!

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