Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Middle Child

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Thank you for the prayers for Ellie's surgery!!  It went well and we are hoping and praying for a successful outcome, though we won't know for a while.  Before the surgery I managed to grab a piece I had purchased for my middle daughter and get it base coated.  Stress management painting, it works for me!  A couple of brief work sessions later it is finished.

My middle daughter is a lot like me when it comes to decorating and color and changing things up.  She and I like to 'redo' perfectly fine rooms.  Hers is just getting a bit of a tweaking since she finally seemed ready to part with the Hot Pink bedding and zebra striped accessories!  Yes (insert fist pump here)!  I had already painted her room a neutral color a soft beige.  Her bed is an antique iron headboard painted black, it will stay, and for now so will the black desk, though she has managed to beat the front to death with her rolling office chair so it will eventually get a tweak too.  We are just beginning and until we get "Oldest child" off to college  and the Prairie Market and band commitments out of the way it won't be finished.  One of the big changes is replacing her old dresser with something new.  New being a relative term in our house, right?!

I am notoriously bad at remembering 'before' photos, but that's OK this time.  It's not hard for you to imagine a blond mid-century modern oak dresser right?  Everyone's parents or grandparents had them in the 50's and 60's.  The best part about them is that they were usually made to last forever!  They are heavy and well built for the most part.  This one had a few veneer chips out of some drawers that were easily filled since I planned to paint.
Other than that, it was clean as a whistle.  Maddie chose Beach Glass, which is such a pretty teal/turquoise color.  She was torn between coral and teal, but I think she made the right choice and she will be adding in some coral with accent items.  The room will have an eclectic gathered feel, because that's how all my other rooms are and it is what we do around here.  Nothing too match, but hopefully somewhat cohesive in the end.
The nice thing about mid-century modern pieces are the flat, simple lines.  These flat drawers were the perfect place for some stenciling.  This is a floral lace furniture stencil.  I love how it has an almost batik feel to it.
I kept the original hardware which was kind of funky cool.  I resprayed it as the old finish was 1/2 worn off so it is nice and shiny now.
I think this will be a nice piece that will serve Maddie well for a long time to come.  Or until she talks me into another room makeover...

Have a peaceful end of the week!
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  1. WOW! such a fun piece- i love it! and yay on ellie! so glad she is doing well!

  2. Oh how sweet! Now I want to see the whole room makeover!

  3. Happy to feature you at our party this morning! Thanks so much for sharing!

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  5. Wow! Nice decoration. I can just imagine how happy your daughter was when she saw that. I like the green floral design of that dresser. It’s so attractive. I can't wait to try and make one myself. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that! More power to you! :)

    Maggie Grant @ The Find Consignment


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