Friday, July 25, 2014

New Workshop Dates posted

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Happy Friday everyone!!  I have been having an awesome week helping at our church's VBS and Ice Cream Social.  Hope your week has been joy filled also!

This adorable table is from my last "Paint-a-Piece" painting workshop.  It turned out amazing!  So, I wanted to let you know that I have posted a bunch of new painting workshop dates.  You can find them under the 'APC Painting Workshops' button at the top of my blog page.

If you are wondering what we do here is a brief recap.  First of all APC stands for American Paint Company.  This is a line of made in America paint with a Clay, Chalk, & Mineral Base.  It is NO VOC (harmful chemical pollutants), easy prep, superior bonding on all surfaces paint.  In the APC 411 class you learn about the paints, several ways to use the paints to create unique finishes, we use many of our fabulous finishing products, and you walk away with your own sample pots and painted samples to continue working on some projects at home.  In the Paint-a-Piece class you will actually bring a small (can be carried with one hand or two hands easily) project and we will paint it and finish it for you to take home that day.  You should have already taken APC 411 or have some previous furniture painting experience for this class.  You will also leave with a high quality brush as my gift to get you started on your own amazing transformations.  This is just a brief synopsis, click the button to get more details and contact me to reserve your spot in the workshop for a class.

If you don't see a time that works for you, contact me anyway and we will see if we can work out something.  I will be adding a few more classes to be held the end of Oct. and early Nov. very soon so keep checking back!

Have a super weekend!!

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