Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Momma's Lipstick

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I had a wonderful lady ask me if I wanted some desks and dressers from a Sorority house last year, and then again this summer.  She probably didn't finish the sentence before I jumped all over that offer.  They have been wonderful and fun pieces to work on.  A while back I featured Lonesome Dove, a rustic bit of neutral colors.  Well, welcome his sister, Faded Rose.
She is blessed with ample storage, good bones, and get a load of those knobs!  I was running out of good light and this picture is a bit hyped up on the pink, but she is a pretty bright flamingo pink.  The paint is from American Paint Company, a relatively new all natural clay and mineral based paint line.  The color is "Momma's Lipstick".  Oh, yeah.
This close up is probably a closer representation of the color.  It was so bright that I decided to play with it to tone it down.  First I added a wash of APC's "Rushmore", a nice taupe color.  Then, because I am insane apparently, I decided she needed bling to go with her hot pink self and added a wash of Modern Masters Metallic Silver.  Which wasn't bad, and it did tone it down.  It just didn't feel right.  So I started sanding it down to go back to the drawing board and I started liking what I was seeing.  
Faded Rose needed to be pretty, but rustic with just a hint of faded areas and a bit of shimmer still hovering about.  It's like an old favorite pair of faded pink jeans!  I love some of the old wood finish showing through.  I love that you can see a bit of the old taupe and silver wash adding depth to this piece.  You know, these dressers have served a lot of young women and held up through it all.  She's not had an easy life, but boy has it been a good one!  

Faded Rose is at NJ & Co. in Omaha where I consign some of my furniture.  She's there because NJ's hosting a Ladies Night Out on Oct. 3rd with a percentage of the profits benefiting 'Project Pink'D'.  I hope you'll come see her, and maybe someone will need a sturdy gal with a lot left to give and take her home.  If you come by, make sure to say hello!

Happy Hump Day!


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