Tuesday, October 15, 2013


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I am telling the truth when I say that upholstery projects make me sweat.  Even simple chair upholstery is going to require removing 500 million staples that someone else decided needed to be applied to keep a small piece of fabric from vacating the chair.  I'm no better, once I get started putting a new fabric on I then I feel the need to tack down every. last. square. inch of loose fabric.  Then I hope whoever owns that chair next is in no hurry to change the upholstery.  

Then there is the whole "sewn" upholstery fear I have.  Good heavens, this job will require math.  I was always better in the fine arts and humanities than I ever was in math and science.  But, when a seriously dated, but absolutely cool love seat needs some recovering I do it.  I save it for my last project, but I do it!
Da da da daaaaaa!
This one was a family piece, my parents to be exact.  Pretty wood, and pretty orange velvet cushions that needed an update.  It did require math, and about 5 hours of my day, mostly because if I figured it once I must have refigured it 5 times.  And I still had some strange results that had me refiguring things again.  But I got a zipper in, made the gusset fit just right and I'm pretty darn pleased with the end result.  
It's going to the Prairie Market because my Mr. keeps telling me, "you can't keep everything you make".  But I often want to.  I do have a strange attraction to random numbers, you've seen them on several of my painted pieces, so it should not be surprising that I chose this fabric.  The pillows were nice easy finishes with minimal math involvement, thank Heaven!

All in all I am so pleased with how this project turned out, but do not look for me to tackle many new upholstery projects anytime soon.  

Only a few more days until the 2013 Fall Prairie Market!  I'm so excited!!


  1. oooh i love it! what an awesome shape! would love to curl up and read there!

  2. This looks great, Deb, and I love that pillow fabric too! Hope the Market goes well for you.


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