Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dear Libby

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Hello to all near and far!  In the flurry of finishing and inventorying and packing for the upcoming Prairie Market (squeal), I have been neglecting the blog, the facebook page, and occasionally my family.  JK, I feed them, smile at them all the while covered in a layer of paint dust and sporting many fresh new colors on my elbows.  Today I have a post about a recent custom finish for an awesome customer, Libby.

Libby found me at NJ & Co. soon after it opened and purchased the Nail Head Buffet (one of my all time faves).  She was also fantastic enough to send me a photo of it in her house surrounded by her Christmas decor which really jazzed it up even more!  Love seeing them in their new homes.  Since that time I have been lucky enough to complete 2 more pieces for Libby, and she brought a friend on board who has also turned into a fantastic client!   

Libby loves to decorate with fairly clean lines, she is definitely not afraid to add in color, and most importantly she loves furniture that "tells a story".  Yes!  Me too!  So, here's her latest piece.
This art deco piece is huge, and heavy and so super for storage.  It also had some damage from too many people trying to lift it with their fingertips under the routed edges. 
:-(  That damage had to be removed, smoothed out and then we added a piece of trip up under the top to finish it all up nicely.  We sanded the top down and were able to re-stain it.  Lovely.
See how nicely it all turned out?  The original hardware was worn, but still very usable and it just fit this piece so we cleaned it up, sprayed the wood dowels black and put them back on.  I'd say this art deco piece looks pretty spiffy now!  Although Libby loves color and toyed with several different colors in the end she decided she wanted white.  I used Benjamin Moore Advance on it which I have really learned to love.
I think this buffet will be serving Libby and her family nicely for many years to come.  Oh, and it comes with a whole host of stories to tell.  Shhh, did you hear about the time...
Have a great week!  Don't forget to stop by the Prairie Market on October 19th!!!  We'd love to see you!
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