Saturday, November 3, 2012

NJ & Co. special event notice

Hi Local Omaha area friends!  Just thought you might want to check out this fun new NJ & Co. Special event.  Follow the below link for details.  There's still time to get into the shop and fill out your wish lists!  And don't forget to enter the facebook contest!

Go to: and!/njandcompany
to see all the information  and "Like" NJ's page

As many of you know now I have a small furniture booth in the shop. I rotate items in and out quite regularly to keep it fresh looking.  So if you saw something in there a few weeks ago and it's gone now it may or may not have sold.  Always feel free to contact me to check on the status of a piece of the furniture! 

Coming up next:  A Reveal!  Finally, it feels like forever since I put something new and fresh up here for you to see.

Have a great weekend!
Go Big Red!

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  1. Twice I love your blog . You have a new follower from chile


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