Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To Follow Up on the Versatile Blogger Award

Awards are great, they sometimes give us a boost on a bad day, they sometimes validate something we're doing when we wonder if it's really worth it, they are not the only way we can say way to go!  I just wanted to say that I appreciated it Jeanne, and pass on words of thanks to blogs where I more often than not "lurk" around without saying much of anything.  There are a bunch of very generous bloggers out there that share tutorials, share their personal experiences, share their expertise with us on a daily basis.  They entertain, they inform, they enlighten, they make me laugh, cry, think, and plan.  So, no, you do not have to participate in a chain form of recognition like The Versatile Blogger award, and I did not have any illusions that most of those ladies I chose to recognize yesterday would.  If they want to, and have time to, great, but I just wanted those ladies to know that they in some way had touched my life in this crazy blogosphere.  That they had influenced me in some regard.  So Thanks to those ladies, and thanks to a whole slew of others that I did not say thanks to yesterday!  You are all worthy and deserving of my thanks!  I appreciate so much your talents, your generous sharing spirits, and the fact that I am fortunate enough to have found your Blogs and can join you on your journey and share mine with you!



  1. Deb,
    This was so well said. I have been offered awards, and although I appreciate the thought, it is difficult to get in your usual posts, try to read and support other blogs, answer emails and questions, keep your everyday life going, and in my case work on your next project, AND set up a separate post. You feel guilty when you can't accept, and don't know how passing on the award will be received. I try to explain that to anyone who offers me the award and just pray that they understand. I honestly appreciate recognition, but I try to express my gratitude by sharing in my blog, responding to questions, and supporting everyone I can. So, thank you for writing this post. It should be shared. You truly understand.

  2. i agree with what rosemary said- well written, deb! and i appreciate the award very much! i don't pass them on anymore as i used to because my list would be 500 blogs long! i hope no one said anything to stir this sentiment, but i appreciate it nonetheless and agree whole heartedly!

  3. Well....you know me. I loved it!!! Made my entire week! Thanks Deb!<3


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