Friday, September 2, 2011

Stylish Serpentine Dresser

Back when I picked up the Mahogany Vanity and Dresser set I also found this lovely Mahogany serpentine dresser.  It was funny because as I scrolled down CL and responded to the ads it finally dawned on me that the same house had lots of "my kind of stuff" items listed and I finally just said, "can I come look at anything you have listed today?"  Thus I ended up with several lovely pieces that had been in their family for many years.  This dresser had been through many a military move, and being retired military I could definitely understand it's condition.  Lots of veneer chipped off to include one rather large corner.  The finish on the drawer fronts was really rough, possibly from extreme heat in storage??  At any rate it is just a classic, beautiful piece of furniture and I couldn't wait to return it to glory.  I know this is a shocker, but I forgot to take before photos.  I don't hold out much hope of improving on that front, but I'll try.
I would have staged this pretty gal, but I threw my back out yesterday so there was no lifting this off the cart.  You'll just have to imagine it all dolled up!  Since I liked the idea of it relating to the vanity and dresser you saw here, vanity and dresser, I chose to again base coat it in ASCP Old Violet.  This time though I used a wash technique with the second coat in ASCP Paris Gray.
I love the way it almost shimmers on there.  It reminds me of soft waves on water.  I have to say, I'm really loving Paris Gray.  To me it seems to have an irredescent quality. 

 Distressing on this piece happened naturally as the saturated washed areas were wiped down some edges of the mahogany were revealed.  I used a hammered espresso spray to freshen up the original hardware.  All drawers are dovetailed and open smoothly.  They don't make dressers like this one any longer.  I hope my poor photos do it some justice!
Have a super weekend!  Go Huskers!  (couldn't resist :-))

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  1. You did a great job. Hope your back snaps back to a working hard body part. And you are right , they don't make dressers like they use to.

  2. Lovely, as usual. I'm thinking that would make a great stash container for wool or cotton???? hmmmmmm :)


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