Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Coffee Please!!!

It seems we are sprinting through September!  Two of my children have gotten older this month, with one fun birthday party still to come this weekend.  Marching band for the older two is in full swing, which means parades, and football games, and even some pep bands, and many early practices, and sectionals.  We've also had  volleyball practices and games for one of kiddos.  And now that they are older we are lucky enough to have great youth group programs at our church that they love attending.  All this just means that I have to take advantage of the hours they are tucked away in desks at school to get my work done.  It also means more and more coffee to keep me moving as we are in the home stretch before PP&PM! 

I can't remember if I showed you this before.
A very unflattering workshop picture where I didn't even bother setting the end table on it's feet!  Sheesh, that's bad.  I think I was taking some afters of one of the buffets, and turned around saw them and remembered I had not taken a before and snapped this before the sun set.  The story of my life these days, sunset photos.  Well, I finally got to these two this week.  They both got a nice little update.  I have to give thanks to my inspiration on the coffee table to Red Hen Home and her coffee table projects.  There have been many, many more out there in blog land that have also done this, so I'm not unique by any stretch, but it's the first time I've seen it in my "neck of the woods" and I hope someone out there will think they are a refreshing update on some very 80's tables.

The French postcard graphic from The Graphic Fairy (what an amazing site that is!) was transferred, handpainted, and then sanded down to distress it a bit.  Here is the Coffee tables friend, the End Table/Lamp Table, with his own small graphic a No. 3.

These two play nicely together, or seperately in a family or rec room.  They are wearing Annie Sloan's Old White chalk paint, lightly distressed, and multiple coats of wax to protect them. 

One of my neighbors drove by during the photo shoot and yelled out his window, "It looks like Nebraska Furniture Mart in there!"  Now, only locals to Nebraska and the Kansas City area understand what "the Mart" is, but it is a HUGE furniture store.  I'm hardly there, but I do have to say that I have a nice tidy bit of restyled furnishings for everyone's shopping pleasure so I hope you'll stop by for the Market!

Happy Thursday, Good Luck Dragons both band and football at your competitions this weekend, and yeah, Homecoming!
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  1. Well since today is National Coffee Day....drink up!!! Doesn't it just kill you when those neighbors start heckling from the street as they pass?!!! lol the tables look delightful.

  2. Love the French postcard table. I actually have a very similar project on my to-do list except it is a tray. So glad to have found this! Thanks.

  3. I love your coffee table! You did an amazing job. Thank you for linking back to my blog.

  4. Darling coffee table- it's adorable!! Would love for you to come share at Feathered Nest Friday sometime!

  5. These are g o r g e o u s! Love them both, but that coffee table....oh my! I want them, I want they are the first things to go!

  6. I'm passing through some of the blogs and thought id stop and say hello. And i hope that you folks have a very nice fall weekend. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania.

  7. Those are beautiful table! Great job!


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