Monday, September 26, 2011

School Days

Happy Monday!  After an action packed weekend it is kind of nice to get back to the "normal grind" of a Monday.  And that is totally weird for me to admit!  I actually got a lot accomplished this weekend in the workshop (starting to feel a bit like Santa when I say that) thanks to some well timed help from the Mr.  Sometimes there are just some projects that just require more muscle (back) than I've got.  Thank you Mr.!

Here is a finish that didn't require any help at all.  Just a little time and patience cleaning up some rust and grime that comes from sitting around and not being useful anymore.  Some Annie Sloan chalk paint, and a bit more on one and here we go.  Back to school...
Artwork courtesy of my 6 yr. old Ellie!   My parents "picked" these chairs for me this summer.  I finished the 4 larger ones, and still have some of the smaller size to play with at a later date.  I used Annie Sloan's chalk paints in Duck Egg, Old Violet, Scandinavian Pink, and Provance colors.  I wanted each to be fun and unique and yet play together. 

On the smaller chair I had  fun with some atlas pages and adhered those to the wooden seat and back  parts since the wood was in less than ideal condition. 
Kind of fun to be sitting in the Atlantic Ocean!

Cutting out around those little rivets was a bit tricky.  This is not my original idea, but a take off from
and from all the other wonderful map projects I've seen out there in blog land. 

The wood in the larger chairs has all been freshened up and resealed.  These chairs will be looking for a new home at the Prairie Pickers & Peddlers Market on Oct. 14/15! 
All the ladies are working furiously as we get "down to the wire" for Market time!  It's crazy, scrary, exciting, and all good!
Have a super  week!
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  1. Haven't gotten those chalk paints out lately. Had gotten kinda of sick of seeing a lot of it on the blogs. But THIS is a new way of looking at them for sure!! Awesome job. Good luck getting ready for the Market.

  2. that little chair is the cutest! i just love it! great use of maps!

  3. Amazing and very inventive - and inspiring too.
    - Joy

  4. What a fun idea for a chair! I love the map :)

  5. How cool! I have a little desk for my son I've been meaning to redo. Thanks for the great inspiration! If you have some time I'd love it if you'd stop by my blog and check out the giveaway I'm having for a Dremel Saw Max!


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