Wednesday, June 3, 2015


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Inspiration comes from many places, and sometimes out of the blue.  I got a really good deal on a nice, clean mid-century modern blond oak dresser.  They don't seem terribly popular, go figure.
Here it is in it's before glory.

A little rough and a lot plain jane.  It would have worked for another subway dresser I told myself.  I could try some really fun transfer graphic on it I thought.  I just could not get going though.  A cold start and just no get up and go when it came to this piece.  I was not inspired to do much of anything with it, and nearly took it off to re-donate.  So I worked on other projects and shoved it in the corner.
Then it hit me.....
This rather funky (and off-season) oil cloth that I use for a drop cloth on my work table caught my imagination.  Houndstooth.  I even had a houndstooth stencil.  And so the rather plain mid-century dresser got 'all dressed up' and is ready for an official release.

She's classic, she's clean, she's still got a bit of that 50's sass because she's sporting some snappy houndstooth.  You know, in their bland blond state these dressers are so unappealing.  But if you put some color on them, shazam!  They are great canvas' for some pretty creative moments.  The storage is fabulous in this piece.  The drawers are solid, dove-tailed, clean and deep.
Dizzy, I'm so dizzy my head is spinning'... It really does make you dizzy.  And if I'm honest I was extremely happy when I painted that last row.  Just keepin' it real...
And just so I don't cause any permanent eye damage I kept it solid on the sides and top.  You are welcome!

All DIY Paint products:  Black Velvet and Beadboard, paints.  I did not prime, but I tested for tannin bleed through and decided to clear seal the wood prior to painting to avoid the wood tannins from seeping up.  I used Heirloom Traditions Aqua Clear in Satin to seal.  This was a new to me product, but man I do believe I am going to love this.

Have a wonderful week friends!

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  1. Wow Deb, that is amazing! You are so creative. Featured you at Be Inspired this morning. Thanks so much for sharing!


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