Monday, May 18, 2015


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Apothecary is one of the new Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint's newest colors.  It is a soft blue/green color.  Honestly it is a changeling.  Depneding on the lighting, the undercoat, the background it can appear to read differently.  I love colors like that!  It reminds me of the Sherwin Williams Colors that I have painted my bedroom in, Sea Salt.

It just such a fun color to work with and it certainly brightened up this rather beat up piece.  When I'm working on an old gal like this I'm reminded about my family, specifically my great Grandmother's family.  My GG Minnie came from a family of carpenters.  All of her brothers were cabinet makers.  I imagine them working on a piece much like this one and the great sense of pride they must have felt when it was complete and oh so grand looking.  This particular dresser, like many that I find, had huge oil rings left on the top, chipped veneers and a few dings and dents.  Many, once newer prettier furniture was purchased were sent to garages, barns and basements to store everyday cleaning/work supplies.  Thank heavens they weren't thrown out.  So while I can't always repair the hard use they've endured I can give it a few more good and useful years with a pretty coat of paint.  I think all those great Uncles might appreciate that.
I love these knobs with the dresser.  I think it perfectly reflects the age and color of this piece.  But I opted to do something different on the top drawers, which were much smaller.
What do you think of these sweet little deer heads?  Oh my gosh I love these so much!!

I'm pretty sure Apothecary will be making many appearances in my projects.  It's just too lovely not to use over and over.

Have a blessed week!

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