Thursday, June 11, 2015

Petite Sweet

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There are some pieces that are frequently requested by the ladies who shop our sales, my booth, and the store where I consign some furniture.  Here are some of the descriptors they use, "storage, narrow, petite, versatile, not too wide, smallish, and fun".  They are wanting something for the landing spot in their home, be it near the front door or the back door drop zone, everyone needs something that is non-intrusive to set the keys, purse, or mail on, and to store a few items in.  I am always on the lookout for those types of pieces, which don't seem to grow on trees!

Meet Petite Sweet.
She meets most, if not all, of the descriptors above.  This cute little cabinet was a very lucky find.  She had dings, but was sound and clean.
I love any piece that allows me to store some items out of sight, but within arms reach.  This is narrow enough to serve as a side table between a couple of chairs, or in a small entry hall as a great place to put your purse, add a basket for all the car keys, set the mail down, well you get the idea.  What would you use her for?
Love the pretty lines and details on her.  This color is Gypsy Green, a new DIY Paint color.  I'd say Debi Beard nailed this color perfectly!  Love it!
Why I can't keep all these pieces is beyond me, but the Mr. moved it to the "getting ready for the Prairie Market pile" and told me to slap a price tag on it.  So that's where it will go.  Bummer for me, bonus for you all!

Hope you are having a fun filled Summer!


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