Monday, June 2, 2014


Pin ItOne of my VERY favorite new musicals, and no this is not a review.  I do have a piece of furniture that reminds me a lot of Elphaba, the wicked witch, so I just thought that title fitting.  Work with me people, naming these posts is hard enough.

As a new retailer with American Paint Company I am determined to try all of the colors of the paint line.  I'm even going to use the ones that have scared me spitless in the past.  It might not always be in big doses, at times it might be a subtle stripe or accent color, or even an under layer of paint.  This time I went BIG and BOLD and let this color shout out it's gorgeousness!  Meet Home Turf, aka Elphaba from Wicked.
It is definitely a big, bold green and quite frankly a color that scared me a bit.  That's why I rubbed half of it off.  Just kidding!!  My Mr. brought home this bottom half of a hutch, because he knows how to make me all happy, that was just a cute little cottage styled piece.  This was a very light pine, with some fairly mild scratches and just a few dings in it.  To me it seemed like a piece my Great Grandmother would have had in her farm house for many years.  It would have been a practical piece in the kitchen, not the dining room.  It would have housed the things she needed to make bread, or homemade pies, or her meat grinder.
Great Grandma Ethel would have loved that it was bright and cheerful and looked like it had been used well to create fabulous food for her family.  
So I chose Home Turf, which is the color of new Spring Grass that has finally come to rescue us from drab winter hues.  And frankly, this color can be a lot to handle at times.  But wow, look how it makes this cottage piece sing.  
How could you not be happy with this in your space?  I deliberately used a light coverage over the majority of this piece.  I wanted it to look as if time and worn much of the finish off.  I followed with APC's brown glaze, and I deliberately used it on the unsealed paint so that it would absorb  better.  I wanted it to seem old and a bit stained in spots, to feel well loved and well used.  Dark wax finished it up and made it so easy to buff a nice sheen in.
I love the original wooden hardware and the dark metal hinges.  The drawers are deep and would be a great addition for extra kitchen storage, but this bold pop of color would look fabulous in a lot of rooms!  Where would you use it?  The store at the Omaha Brass Armadillo is fully stocked with Home Turf and I'll be updating the inventory with some colors that were out of stock when I got my initial shipment later this week.  Stop by and browse the colors, contact me and I'll help you color plan your piece and walk you through using this fabulous paint!  Coming soon, paint classes!

Have a fabulous first week of June! 
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  1. such a fun green! i need to break out the fun colors more! they always make me smile.

  2. Ok, so who is the professional photographer coming to do your photo shoots??!! Those pictures of Elphaba (I"m a fan too) are AMAZING!!

  3. I love the big bold green and the nice aged look!

  4. Scared spitless. I have to remember that one. I'm also going to try that paint, eventually.... working with a dif co. right now.


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