Monday, July 8, 2013

Triple Treat

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I met a couple of great ladies several months ago.  It all started with the nail head buffet which Libby bought. And then we moved on to a red buffet/console piece for Libby.  After that I painted another office console piece for Libby's friend Lynne, and then...  You see where this is going?  These gals are my kind of people!  They appreciate fine vintage furniture and love to see it brought back to life.  Which brings me back to Lynne who called to see if I could paint 2 super nice pieces she found at an estate sale.  Lucky Lynne!  Both of these dressers are true stunners, though the one had been handled a bit roughly and needed some kwik wood to fill a rather giant missing leg part.  I wish I were better at that.

Here they are now, all painted and stained anew!
Lynne chose ASCP in Cream, and you can't see it up here, but we stained the very top of the dresser after some sanding.  Sorry for the workshop photos.  I only had time to snap these as we were getting ready to load them for delivery.

Here's the sister piece.  Isn't she dreamy with all of that cool detail?
The top turned out so nice.
Legs, gorgeous!
More pretty little detail.  Good eye Lynne!  I was quite sad that I didn't own these, if even for a little bit!
While we were talking details for these two pieces Lynne spied another dresser that I was just prepping.
She decided to have it finished for her daughter.  And Lynne went bold!  Yeah!  Coral.  Wow!
This new color is a chalk and clay based mix from American Paint Company.  I love their colors, and I liked working with the paint a lot, though I need to get used to the coverage.  I probably overkilled on this one because Lynne preferred no distressing.  And I like to try and please.

Not sure why this pic is so hazy, but I wanted to show you how stunning the coral is with the crystal knobs.  Behind the right hand door we drilled a hole so that her daughter can turn it into a charging station.  The little drawers are perfect for jewelry or other girly treasures.

I hope Lynne will send me a picture when she gets her daughter's room all put together with the new dresser!
Thanks Lynne!  And Libby...well lets just say the story continues.  ;-)

It's another busy week with a large custom project and I've been piddling with a very intricate piece in between orders.  VERY vintage...

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  1. Justs beautiful! I love the coral color. It rocks! Have a great one. Blessings!

  2. My reply to you keeps bouncing back so, Thank you Patty!

  3. they are all gorgeous! but that first one i love the shape so much and the last one- oh that fun color!!!

  4. Well, I always love your furniture, but now I'm loving your new blog header and your smiling face!

  5. OMG!!!!!! ACK I love the new blog template!!!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I have been so swamped I haven't been on the computer!!! HE did a wonderful job, and it fits you!! And I love your lovely picture! Oh gosh, I'm so happy you did it, It's great. doesn't it make you feel official? I did ;)

    ...And of course I love these pieces too. Beautiful job!

  6. Such beautiful pieces, one and all! But that coral immediately caught my eye as I was browsing the party links. Gosh it's pretty! I hope you do get a picture of it in it's new home!

  7. I am loving the wood top on the cream pieces but the coral is fabulous! thank you for stopping by and visiting my orange table! So kind!


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