Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sittin' Around

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I finished this chair ages ago, but simply kept forgetting to take any beauty shots and share her.  Does that mean I'm really getting old?  As long as I don't get "funny" too, because I have a promise with the Mr. that we can not get old and "funny" acting both.

Look at her 'Queenly' curved back, lovely!  She's pretty with her Old White paint and indigo and off white fabric cushion.
It does not get any better than comfy and curvy both.  Love this one a lot, she makes me happy.  Just shabby enough to be interesting.  She actually looks kind of lovely in the garden.  Hello purple cone flowers. :-)  They make me happy too.
And if her curves are not enough for you, she has pretty little claw feet too.  She's for sale, just let me know if she belongs to you next!  I'm warning you though, the longer I sit and look at this piece in the workshop the more likely I am to move it into the house and find a spot.  Just sayin'.
Have a super week and enjoy these last few days of summer.  Here we go August!
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  1. She is absolutely beautiful and so lady like! I love it!! I'm sure she'll sell fast!

  2. love the shape and the fabric! beautiful choices!

  3. She's a stocky woman, sort of like me. I would look royal sitting in that chair.

  4. Oh pretty! I love her curves and that great fabric choice! ... Some days I do feel old and funny!


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