Friday, July 5, 2013

New Things

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New Things are very, very good sometimes!  I needed a blog change up, yes I did.  And because I have never been able to figure out how to make my header shrink to fit, or how to add a pretty background, etc. I needed help.  Thank the Heavens above that there are folks out there that understand how to do all this blog prettifying.  And I'm sure that prettifying is a word.  After seeing Rita's blog Curbside Creations get a makeover I knew just who I would contact.  Hubby Jack from Hubby Jack's Blog ATTACK saved my blog from it's sad little self!!  Just look what he did!  SHAZAM!  I love it, love it, love it, and I'm quite sure I'll recognize it as being mine pretty darn soon.  I highly recommend him if you are looking for a spruce up of any sort.  (This is not a paid endorsement, just a very satisfied customer sounding all happy.)  Happy, happy, happy, that's me!  Cruise around a while and see what you think too.

I have been busy here.  I sent a chair on it's way to NJ & Co. with nary a pic.  What is wrong with me?  Trust me, it's cute and you want to buy it.  To help you in that buying endeavor I will tell you that NJ & Co. is running a sale on all furniture, in addition to some other wonderful deals in the clothing and home decor departments!  BOOM!  It's worth stopping by to check out!  And if you buy my chair would you take a photo of it and email it to me so I can get it up here on the blog.  You will have bragging rights for having the wisdom to snatch up said unadvertised chair!

I also worked on some of these babies last month.
My little wooden totes with my old leather handles.  Love me a good tool tote.  These are must haves in my mind.  But I have a serious addiction to wooden boxes and trunks for storage.  These will be for sale at the Prairie Market in October.  (See the button up above for more info...and isn't it cute?!)
Any old worn leather strap looks great with them, but I love these tooled leather belts...when I can find them!
Even better when you can find one with a name on it, which is almost never unless you want to spend $$$$.
This is a team project with the handy dandy Mr.  He builds what I tell him to, I paint it and then he nicely attaches my handles.  I like to think of it as quality time together.

Life is good, I have cute boxes just waiting to be filled up, and an AWESOME new blog look!  I will not be wiping this smile off my face for quite some time.

Happy Belated 4th,  hope it was sparktacular!  And every day we should be thanking our lucky stars to live in this wonderful country, and thanking the proud men and women who serve so unselfishly to make sure we continue to enjoy our freedom!  God Bless Them!


  1. those caddies are awesome and LOVE the new look!!!!!!! it is amazing!

  2. Well look at you! I love the fresh new look Deb! And your new photo too! ... And those totes are darn cute! ... Keep smiling!

  3. Look at you all prettified! And if I can figure how to pin your tote from my ipad I'm gonna do that too, because I love the belts.


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