Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lost In Space & a Feature!

My house is almost back to normal after our Market sale in October and yet I'm still finding myself a bit "lost in space".  I've been working on a couple of custom pieces that I almost have completed, but they seemed to take me twice as long as they normally would.  I want to paint my dining room piano room, but can't decide on a color.  I need to find the rest of my sweaters, but they sit boxed up on a closet shelf.  The house needs cleaned...bleh. I'm itching to paint my new dining table and chairs, but haven't gotten to it yet.   In other words, I'm just spinning around and not gaining much traction here!  There is a lot to do around here with the Holidays approaching, and I feel like I'm in some kind of daze.  Anyone else out there find themselves in this strange place?  I think I need something to give me a kick in the pants!

On a much happier note, I was featured today on 551 East as a Habitat Hero for "Cupcake".  Thank you so much!!  I am thrilled to have been able to participate in such a worthy, worthy Link Party.  It makes me smile whenever I think about all the people out there helping others with something that makes them so happy to create.  It's such a win/win and fun thing!  I especially want to thank my friend Kristy who purchased Cupcake for her soon to be born granddaughter.  Her supporting my vision for Cupcake's proceeds made it all possible!  So thank you Julia for choosing Cupcake!
Check out the following blogs for more information about Habitat Hero.
551 East Furntiure Design
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I LOVE their blogs and I bet you will too!  Thanks Ladies for hosting the Link party!

Go DRAGONS (Volleyball & Football) in District Games this week!!  And of course, Go HUSKERS!
It's going to be a busy weekend!


  1. That funk you are in???Yep, been there. Not too long ago. Mine was so bad that I actually even was unhappy with blogging!!! I actually wrote a blog post (never published it) entitled, "Why I have blogging." LOL I did!!! I really did!!!

    I just slowly dug myself out of it, got busy with a few projects that were quick and easy. the long ones I left. the quick and easy route gave me an easier sense of accomplishment. Try it. Pick out some smaller, quicker things to do.

  2. oh i go through phases like that, too- then one day i get excited about a project and i feel my feet land back on the ground! that time is coming, deb!

  3. Cupcake is beautiful and worthy of a feature! Thanks for linking up to the Habitat Heros Party. As for the phase you're in, I've been there recently, too. However, I just received some new ASCP, and I can feel the wheels starting to turn.


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