Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Back Burner

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I have to say I am sorry for having neglected the blog for so long.  It's never intentional, there was no thought.  Shoot, my brain is so scattered I'm lucky to get shoes on most days.  The Prairie Market was a wonderful success.  So many wonderful, supportive customers that have followed us year after year.  And there were lots of new faces to visit with this year also.  My house is still a disaster though.  I moved right from production for the Market to preparation for Omaha's Junk Stock!  Which is a huge venue with many vendors and many, many shoppers.  I am excited and nervous, and exhausted, but I think I have so fun new things ready to go.  If you visited me at the Prairie Market, don't worry, you won't be just looking at my same old pieces.  Some of those will come to Junk Stock, but I had made and stashed plenty of new pieces to sell at Junk Stock.

I'll also have the American Paint Company paint line with me.  Some paints are being retired so I have stock with special prices on them!  The new colors are gorgeous and I can't wait to start debuting those the end of October.

If you don't follow me on Facebook you should. :-)  I seem to be a more faithful poster on FB.  At least, I post some fast little bits and pieces.  So don't forget...This weekend is Junk Stock!  Come shop, listen to the bands, enjoy a bite from the food trucks and find some peace, love, and junk!


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