Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Impulse Buy

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I will admit that I sometimes buy furniture to rehab a bit impulsively.  By that I mean that I know that I will have to store it until close to our next Prairie Market sale or it gets called up to NJ & Co.  And tables are one of those things that it's just not practical to store for too long unless you own your own barn, which, much to my dismay, I don't own!  That's why, of course, I currently have 2 tables.  I seem to have little self-control if I like something...  So, really I just need a barn.  The end.

However, NJ & Co. did request a table so I broke out my favorite one and got it restyled and down to the store.  If you need a new table in your life you need to head down to NJ & Co. right now!!!
Here's the 411 on this piece.
The before:
A bit shabby on the top but solid and nicely built.  There were some burn marks on the top so we opted to go with a painted top.  It also has 3 12 inch leaves, complete with aprons, so it goes from 48 inches to huge very easily!


Here she is all set up in the store with some gorgeous chairs from NJ & Co.(they have 4 if you are interested).  I stayed neutral on this one as it could be great fun to mix and match chairs with her, especially when she is extended for larger gatherings.

Here's the close up with a bit funky lighting it seems (my bad...editing).

The base, as you can see is a split single pedestal base.

I haven't talked a lot about NJ & Co. for a while now.  It is a great boutique, owned by two great women and the Co. is another 4 of us who consign and rent space there with our products.  They carry everything from Home Decor, and Furniture to Jewelry, Purses, and Boutique Clothing.  It's an amazing store and I am so proud to be associated with them!  Please stop by if you are from the Omaha area, or in town visiting, and check it out.  You'll find lots to love I promise.

Have a fantastic week everyone!  It's hump day!


  1. gorgeous table- i love the base! and oh those chairs! lovely!

  2. Wow, that must be really huge with all those leaves! And I don't think I've ever seen a split base quite like that. I'm sure this one will find a happy home in no time! ... And a barn would be totally awesome! It should have heat and great lighting - may as well dream big!

  3. I will definitely stop sometime. I know I keep saying that. I am on such a supply mission when I am in Omaha. : )
    I need a barn too : )


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