Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ready, Set, Go!

As I said last week, I am still here just busy as a crazy woman can be!  The weekend was wonderfully productive, mostly because there were deadlines to meet by Monday on a couple of the pieces.  Nothing like a deadline to keep me in line!  So, in between the normal weekend activities of soccer games, church meetings and activities, and a band banquet I managed to totally wrap up 6 pieces that had been in the works all last week.  I'm tired and a bit surprised I am even thinking about heading out to the workshop today to maybe work on a small custom order.  We'll see.

I'm hoping to get better staged photos of all these pieces later, but for now all I have are cruddy cell phone snap shots of some of them.  I'm going to call this piece, The Jane.  Jane is the J part of NJ & Co. where I consign many of my furniture finishes.  She is a lovely woman who appreciates pretty furniture and styles my furniture so it looks so lovely in the shop!  Jane loves her bird accessories too, and she brought me a photo of a bird dresser that she thought would be a wonderful idea for a piece.  I have pinned many inspiration pics and saved magazine clippings for quite some time of bird inspired pieces too, so I decided this was a sign it was time to do one.  It helped that I found the perfect dresser that same week!

Remember, non-edited cell phone photos.  The dresser is actually painted Annie Sloan's Cream, so it doesn't look as "greenish" in real life,.  The wide expanse on the drawer fronts make it easy to free hand a dark branch on here with a couple of birds traced on also.  Just very simple lines with some subtle shading which you can't see in these crude photos.
The top was so pretty, but there was one small area that had been damaged that just didn't take the stain well again.  No worries, we just continued the design on the top.  Several nice coats of wipe on poly seals it up nicely.   I kept the original hardware, just spiffed it up in oil rubbed bronze.  It fit the piece and was it great shape other than being dingy.

We delivered 'The Jane' to NJ & Co. yesterday afternoon.  I'm betting that the real Jane has her looking fabulous by now.

Many more reveals to come this week!  Hope you'll keep stopping by so you won't miss them.

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  1. Beautiful! You are so talented to be able to paint like that.

  2. Very nice. I would be too afraid to free hand a design on a painted piece. You did an amazing job.

  3. Very sweet Deb! I love the bird and branch motif! ... Sounds like you are one busy girl!

  4. love this, deb- the colors and design! beautiful!

  5. Oh, I absolutely love this! Such a beautiful job you did.

  6. Hi Deb! What a beautiful job you did on that dresser. I really love it! I'm pretty sure I might have one of your inspiration pieces pinned already, but I'm going to add yours to my board as well. Brilliant idea to add the branch on the top to cover up the imperfection. Great job!


  7. Love this! You did such a fantastic job! Sharing your project on my blog tomorrow. xoxo :)

  8. This is so lovely! I've wanted to try this, but haven't been brave enough. Your branch looks perfect!


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