Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2 Days from now

2 Days from now we'll be in the middle of an amazing time with old and new friends as they check out all of our hard work!  It's an amazing thing to watch grown women almost racing each other down the driveway to be the first inside.  We LOVE it!

So, I'm down to the very last items to price, just 2 more thank heavens, and getting the house ready to go.  I thought I'd share one more item with you before I get too busy, or too tired to think about a post.  (Though I might just post some staged photos for you on Thursday night.)

Here is a HUGE trestle/harvest type table that my family used for many years.  We moved, the table was too large for our new space and the rest is history.  Here it is in it's new paint just waiting for a new home.
The base is painted black, and the top, well lets just take a look.
I had every intention of just staining it, but I just wasn't happy with it.  So, I remembered a tutorial post by Shelley of The House of Smith's on creating a weathered barn wood look.  Following it loosely game me what I think is the perfect "new do" for this table.  What do you think?  Look closer.
Pretty cool how all that dry brushing gives you the texture and look of an aged piece of wood.
I liked it so much I said to my long suffering husband, "you know maybe we should just keep..." at which point he fixed me with a look and I slapped a sale tag on it.  You'd better come buy it before I change my mind...again!

It does not include chairs, we used 5 family antiques with it when we had it in the kitchen.  It does have this really long bench that can easily seat 3 to 4 people.  I think it would be super cool with an eclectic mix of vintage wood chairs! 

Hope to see you on Friday or Saturday!
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  1. What a cool table! And I agree, it would look awesome with a mix of chairs! Wish I could come check out your sale in person. You know I'm cheering you on from afar!

  2. I LOVE this table and especially the bench!
    When I was married we used a extra-long harvest table handed down from my in-laws. The table was beautiful natural wood, I think maple. I happened to have a couple of maple chairs that matched. The old house we bought had leftover furniture in it so I had a pair of cane-bottom ladder back chairs and an oak ladder back chair from my single days which I painted a medium dark green. My sister-in-law had an extra-long heavy wooden bench as a coffee table and when they moved, she gave it to me. It also got the green treatment. We used it as a coffee table and moved it to the dining room table for family dinners.
    I loved that randomly assembled dining set. Someone will get a lot of good use out your set. Benches are so practical for family dinners.
    Good luck with your sale!

  3. That table is great! The shape and the finish are wonderful.
    Have a great show! I wish I could make time to come, but I'm getting ready for a craft party this weekend....more fun!
    Great Job,

  4. What a great table presentation is that. I really like the way you organize this table and I like this at home. Thank you.

  5. Love the 'texture' of the 'old' wood :) It looks great - have an awesome show!


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